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Dec 1, 2013 09:54 AM

less expensive options?

We will be staying a couple of nights for a conference and don't have the budget for the big price restaurants. Surely there is good food available for under $100 for a dinner for two. Any ideas?

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    1. The Las Vegas strip is pretty big, Eileen. On which end of the strip will you be staying, and will you have a car? At any rate...not to worry....dinner for two for under $100 is just as easy to find in Las Vegas as in any other big city. For a start, look at the "reasonable but amazing" thread.

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      1. re: HaroldandMaude

        Thanks- you are making me feel better already!
        Have car, will drive happily

        1. re: eileeninfc

          Parma by Chef Marc
          Fat Choy
          Chada Thai
          Lotus of Siam

      2. We will have a car and are most willing to drive. We are not staying on the strip- will be on Blue Diamond Rd. I don't know the area at all

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          Well there is an In N Out down there near the Silverton.

        2. It sounds like you're staying at the Silverton. It's not a bad location as you're right off the I-15. I'm a fourteen year local. The oyster bar at Palace Station is very good and right off the I-15 at Sahara. It's open twenty four hours.
          Checkout the Prime Rib Loft and Canal Street. They are both offering a decent dinner special.

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          1. re: Eric

            Thanks so much, Eric. Good options

          2. Viva Mercado's ( Mexican)
            Osaka Japanese Bistro
            Paymon's ( Middle Eastern and Mediterranean)
            Opa! ( Greek)
            Khoury's (Lebanese)
            Mon Ami Gabi ( French)
            Origin ( Indian)

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            1. re: rasputina

              Thanks so very much, Rasputina. These are great ideas

              1. re: rasputina

                Opa is no longer in business. I'm not sure if Viva Mercados has reopened.