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Dec 1, 2013 09:21 AM

Anything at all in east Contra Costa County...

Well, I am relocating from Fremont to Antioch/Brentwood for work. I love the food options in Fremont (dozens of restaurants within blocks of me). But it's unavoidable. I've looked at other CoCo threads on here and there's not much, but I'm hopeful that someone's run across something decent in the meantime.

Here are places that I have tried and liked to one degree or another:
What the Fork (Filipino, Antioch)
Dad's (BBQ, Pittsburg)
Steeltown Coffee (outstanding coffee place, Pittsburg)
Sassy Sweets and Eats (very good cupcakes, tasty Cubano sandwich - Pittsburg)
Dulce's Antojitos (Pittsburg)
Las Panchitas (Mexican, killer green salsa - Pittsburg)
Mehran (Indian, Antioch -- not up to Fremont standards, but OK)
El Taco Factory (Mexican, good salsa - Antioch)
Kinder's (BBQ, Brentwood -- maybe better than the Fremont one)

Places I have tried and am iffy on so far:
Lumpy's Diner (Pittsburg)
New Mecca Cafe (Pittsburg -- I think, like China Chili and Massimo's in Fremont, this is a nostalgic favorite for locals but not unusually appealing for anyone else)
Okawa ("Japanese," Pittsburg)
Samurai X ("Japanese," Pittsburg)

Food shopping:
Pacific Market (Filipino, Pittsburg -- unfortunately nowhere near as broad a selection as a Chinese grocery store)
Trader Joe's (Brentwood -- and thank goodness it's there)
I have spotted two teensy Indian grocery stores and one Caribbean store, but haven't tried either yet.

As far as I know, I will have to go to Concord for Korean and for 99 Ranch Market...and I'm not sure where the closest Japanese-Japanese (sushi, homestyle, ramen) or dim sum places are. And the closest Whole Foods is in Walnut Creek, I guess. Surely there's a decent Italian(-American) place or diner in the area, though...

I anticipate a post in which I ask for favorite BARTable spots (or perhaps there's one already). In some ways, I think it'll be good to have to get out and try a wider variety of things in Oakland and SF. Right now it's too easy to just never leave Fremont.

If you have anything to add to my list, please let me know! I'm dreading this move and would love something to look forward to. Thanks!

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  1. I like Birrieria El Puente on Railroad Ave in Pittsburg:

    Just down the street from them is Taqueria Carnitas Tijuana, which makes excellent carnitas. And if you need dessert, the original Guanato's Paleteria is in Bay Point at 2474 Willow Pass Rd.

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    1. re: j mather

      Ah yes, I have been to but had forgotten about the carnitas place. It is delicious but I will only ever go there for take-out in the future: it's always freezing! I'll check out the Paleteria, thanks!

    2. Brentwood Cafe: Diner food but gooood diner food.

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      1. re: jackiecat

        I am perfectly OK with good diner food. Thanks!

          1. re: walkoffdinner

            Tamale Lovers is OUTSTANDING. I went to a similar-sounding place on my last I-40 road trip, and Tamale Lovers blows it out of the water. Even their sweet ones are good! I think my favorites so far are the chicken mole and the sweet corn, but their beans are also very good. (Bits of ham and plenty of flavor, more like my mom's bean soup than typical taqueria beans.)

            Thanks for the rec; I'll be back here many times in the future despite the distance from my home!

          2. Update to my own list:
            Melo's pizza & pasta (good-enough American Italian food, Brentwood): Actually, the mushroom and gorgonzola risotto was delicious. I don't think the rice was quite right, but I don't know much about European rice dishes. The main point is that it had lots of mushrooms and was very tasty.

            CreAsian (Vietnamese, Brentwood): Well, I miss My Tho and La Sen already, but it was fine. Large portions and reasonable prices, though not enough pork blood in the bun bo hue. Noticed cafe sua da on the menu after I ordered, along with some smoothies (avocado yes, durian no) and salted lemonade. It's convenient and I'm sure we'll return.

            Kanpai Sushi (?Japanese?, Antioch): It's one of those places where you're shocked when your server is actually Japanese. I am fairly sure that the owners and cooks are not. The menu is mostly your standard teriyaki-udon-and-complicated-rolls thing. There were a couple of interesting items, like a smoked salmon/avocado/balsamic appetizer. (Not on the online menu.)

            Let us have a moment of silence while I weep for having 5 good ramen places within a 15-minute drive and decent dim sum a block away, though...

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            1. re: wintersweet

              What about going south to Livermore? There is a good coffee place called Red Panama. I have friends in Livermore so I would be happy to name a few places if you are interested.

              For Oakland or Berkeley:
              Ramen Shop Oakland (Rockridge Bart)
              Ippuku (Downtown Berkeley Bart)
              -There is plenty of information on Berkeley and Oakland but these are some of my favorites.

              1. re: JonDough

                Thanks, worth a shot!
                I admit I haven't explored Livermore much, even though I live not too far from there now. The drive via Vasco Rd is kind of pleasant! I'm set for coffee in Pittsburg with Steeltown, but as I recall Livermore has a pretty nice French bakery... :)

            2. As I am now working in this part of the world, I have taken a great interest in this thread, and must regretfully say that the FIlipino restaurant listed above, What the Fork, seems to be closed, according to Google and Yelp.

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              1. re: dunstable

                Its a little further up the road, but Los Panchos on Pacheco/concord blvd was good.