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Dec 1, 2013 09:07 AM

Weight Watchers Foodies -- Bermuda Triangle Edition, Part 2! December 2013 (OLD)

Well, the end of the year is nigh, as is Christmas, New Years Day, and the last of the Bermuda triangle. It has definitely been a challenging period for me. Thanksgiving was particularly difficult since I was out of town at my SIL's house -- out of town and out of my routines!

Anyway, I will be trying to make healthful eating choices, remembering that Christmas is just one day, as is New Year's Day, when we have a big party.

Right now, a turkey soup is bubbling on the stove, which will make some low points meals for me.

How will you be handling the last days of temptation?

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  1. I cut myself some slack and ate what I wanted on Thanksgiving. I haven't been that full and uncomfortable in a long time and it was not pretty! But then it continued into Friday with the leftovers that I brought home from my sister's. So on Saturday, I declared that it's time to get back in control and I had a pretty good day yesterday and so far so good today. I did major food shopping this morning and I'm ready for a good "in control" week. Now hopefully I can practice what I preach!

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      We came home and made a turkey, so I have lots of turkey breast and the soup that's currently on the stove. No desserts, which is a good thing!

    2. OK, so I figure that I have at least 3 weeks of weight loss ahead of me, and then I will be happy at Christmas. To this end, I have reinstituted my tuna and salad lunches that stood me in such good stead earlier on in the process. This time, however, I am using the salad dressing container that they sell at WW. It has a recipe on the side for a lime mustard dressing that is only 1 point for 2 ounces (the container perfectly measures 2 ounces). I've had the container for a while, but this is the first time I've used it, which gives you an idea of the diet ennui that I've been suffering. Anyway, this salad -- with a whole can of water-packed tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, and 4 ounces of dressing is only 4 points. I also had gotten a large contain of the Spring Mix salad greens from Costco, and I washed the entire container, spun it dry, and put it back in the container with some paper towels. This way, there is no lazy refusal to wash and dry salad greens. They will be always ready, so no excuses!

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        I find that doing that kind of prep work makes life on plan/program so much easier. Good job!

        Any chance you could share the dressing recipe?

        1. re: saturngrrl

          Mustard Lime Dressing
          10 Tablespoons fresh lime juice
          2 Tablespoons olive oil
          2 tablespoons Dijon mustard (I used 3)
          1 tablespoon water
          5 cloves of garlic, minced (I used 1 large & put it through the garlic press)
          1/2 tsp salt (I used more --- not sure of the amount)
          1/2 tsp red pepper flakes.

          2 tablespoons, or 1 ounce, is 1 pt+

          This is really not bad for a low points dressing. Next time I might put some siracha in it in place of the red pepper flakes.

          1. re: roxlet

            THANK YOU! Sounds yummy... and I love the idea of the sriracha substitution!

      2. I've gained more than I should have... I was supposed to be maintaining, and my size 8's are getting tight! Not good... I got rid of most of my bigger clothes (on purpose!).

        So, my goal is now on weekdays, to really focus on lean meats and veggies, and cut out the sweets. Basically just going back to the basics I did when I first started losing weight. As much as I didn't want to, I did purchase some frozen meals to use in a pinch. My problem was that last minute stuff would come up, and I couldn't make the healthy meal I planned. So, having the frozen meals will help out with that. Weekends will still be rough but I was still able to lose while "letting loose" a bit more on weekends.

        Tonight I'm also going back to an old habit... using spices to add flavor without calories. I made a spice rub during the COTM back in May and so I'm using some of that to rub onto a pork tenderloin.

        1. was a festive weekend for sure. I gave away all the leftovers on Thursday so there was no temptation Fri morning but we were away on Friday night and Saturday night and had a jam packed weekend with our friends that included a nice dinner saturday evening and brunch yesterday.

          I've tracked everything and am out of weeklies for the week(my week starts on Thursdays). While I tried to make decent food choices, avoided a lot of cheap carbs, and only ate one large meal a day, I had a glass of wine on a few occasions and those points really add up quickly and really ate up my weeklies quickly(I rarely drink wine anymore for this reason!). I also found myself in the presence of some really good cheese twice and even taking very small pieces of a couple of the offerings, they are just point laden(with the exception of feta, ricotta and cottage I don't buy much cheese at home either so this having a little of the good stuff was a realy treat). I avoided desserts but the cheese and wine are just point bombs really.

          I have earned 46 activity points so far this week and have only used one of those so far so hopefully it all balances out somehow.

          Back at work today. The rest of the week will be very typical in meal patterns and I still have two more mornings of activity points to earn. Yogurt and fruit for breakfast this morning. Quinoa and veggies lunch. Dinner still to be decided but something when my daily points for sure....

          1. I feel like the WW scale is a scrooge really.LOL I was at the doctor this morning and was 3lbs less than at my meeting last week. Morning vs nighttime, different scale, yaddayadda but I still like the lower reading! LOL

            My husband made the quinoa salad I posted on last month's thread again last night. So tasty and 7 pts gets you a really filling portion. We've also been working our way through some of the Costco chicken noodle's a bit high in salt but only 4pts a cup and pretty tasty for a quick evening dinner.