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Dec 1, 2013 08:53 AM

N. Myrtle Beach and on to Hilton Head in January

We'll be spending a few nights at the Marriott resort (with kitchen) in N Myrtle on our way to Hilton Head. After looking at the various MB threads, dining looks problematic. There aren't many places that have recieved multiple positive comments Under the circumstances - including the annual holiday weight gain - we'll be looking for simply prepared fresh seafood as opposed to more complex dishes. I imagine we'll eat in Murrell's Inlet one night and in Calabash one night - for that experience, adn in anticipation of a lack of commitment to more healthy, lowe calorie food. I welcome thoughts on these recommendations from a local newpaper -


- as well as other insights.

We're pretty well set in terms of HH, but are interested in any new places, improvements or downgrades.

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  1. well first, Grande Dunes is actually in MB proper.NMB is a godd ten miles up the road.This alone will give you bad info.

    The reastaurant at the marina is pretty darn good.Seascapes maybe? The place at the Marriott itself is really bad.

    collectors cafe is good.Gr eg Normans is said to be good but I could never go to a place named after a golfer.

    I hear Apsen Grill is great, maybe the best in the area.The name just kills me,not a tree or town within 1000 miles named Aspen.

    There is a really good traditional Italian place just south of 82 nd North on the left, just past the big liquor store:)


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      Greg Normans was decent. I was gifted a few trips there, a fancier Capital Grille? Good seafood, nice sides, excellent cowboy ribeye. Wine list ranged from $25 btls to $2-300. For the area I'd say it was a solid bet. Was it life altering? No. But we also had a condo for a few weeks in January and thought fresh seafood would be widely available for purchase - it wasn't and the winter restaurant scene leaves much to be desired. So compared to what else was open, it was a win.

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        I have no problems purchasing or eating out in the winter but I prefer the south end.

    2. Becky's recommendations are spot on and she pulls no punches.

      Driving to Murrells Inlet is no big deal in January ..
      capt Dave's dockside is great..the food is excellent
      Lees inlet kitchen is a personal favorite but will not reopen until February.
      Waterscapes at the marina is delicious but I haven't been since the chefs changed.
      Nothing in calabash impresses me.

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        I'm still trying to wrap my head around the pirate theme at Drunken Jack's not being tacky.

        1. re: dcbbq

          It's not...more heavy wood and history..not gimmicky ......and it is one of my least favorites on the list. But people either love it or hate it.

      2. When in Hilton Head try to take the 45 minute drive to Beaufort. On Carteret Street, a few blocks from the bridge is the best, IMO, Italian restaurant in SC.

        Griffin Market (I know, a strange name) seats perhaps 30, the food is superb and the owner has a million dollar wine collection that he will gladly display.

        Worth the trip.

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        1. re: DaleJ

          Thanks. We were thinking about a day trip to Beaufort. Any other suggestions there?

        2. Comments/suggestions here are based on 35+ years familiarity w/NMB, husbands family lived in Windy Hill/Ocean Drive from 1960s on. My FIL loved golf and MIL was a nurse there. All 3 kids went to local schools (Waumpee-Little River HS before it was NMB).

          I have family living in Cherry Grove who we will see next week.

          Despite the new hwy, driving south to Pawleys or Murrells Inlet is still a long drive. and you will be headed south to HH so a stop off for lunch in Pawley's is still a good idea.

          Please consider not going to Calabash its not that good.

          Just over the state line in Little River are 2 decent 'fine dining' restaurants: Chianti South and the Brentwood, both family-owned and the families are from NJ and NY respectively. I've been to Chianti often and family has been to Brentwood, both have reviews on Urbanspoon and Trip Adv. CS has been good but we go only in off-season (Oct. - April).

          Greg Norman's was a FIL favorite: good steaks, good scotch and a nice view, much more quiet than most. Service there was much better than average for the beach. Its not 'family', more grown-up oriented and low key. No pirate motifs. :->

          Please consider going to an old-style seafood place, just up the road: Steven's Oyster roast 3912 Sea Mountain Hwy ( Hwy 65/9, aka old Loris Hwy). Been there since forever 40+ years, not fancy in any way. This time of year oysters are best. We get them roasted (big pans) w/hush puppies and cole slaw - thats it. They also serve good fried seafood platters and stuffed flounder but we go for the old style oyster roasts. This is really a local's place, a few out-of-state cars. I met my in-laws there, 35+ years ago.

          If you want to make use of that kitchen, please consider going to Berry's Seafood Market in Cherry grove (skip the touristy Flying Fish mkt in NMB) Its a working seafood market and supplies gear for local fishermen. Plain and no frills they sell very fresh off boats that dock a few miles up @ Little River. They will also season/steam shrimp etc. for you.
          for a small charge per pound. Get a few pounds of local shrimp (cooked there if thats what you want), make a salad or sides, chill the wine/beer and enjoy. without more driving-parking.

          Most mornings you can get heads-on shrimp, very fresh. Make good stone ground grits, Use heads and shells for stock, saute the shrimp in butter and reduce the stock, pour over the grits and you have a dinner (or breakfast) no restaurant in the area can match. We take back ice-packed shrimp every visit.
          All these are easy driving from Marriott - desk can help with directions.

          Berry's 843-249-2534 1122 Sea Mountain Hwy (#9) Cherry Grove

          Steven's Oyster Roast 843-399-3508 3912 Sea Mtn. Hwy (#65/9) just south of NMB high school.

          Chianti South 843-249-7888 2109 Hwy 17, Little River NC

          the Brentwood 843-249-2601 4269 Luck Dr. Little River, off hwy 17 on left

          hope this helps. sad to say, we never go to the beach anymore, between June and September.

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          1. re: kariin

            Yes i recommended Murrells Inlet because the original poster is actually in the North End of Myrtle Beach not North Myrtle.

            Greg Normans has been disappointing the last two times I dined there...the did some major staff turnover so maybe that is fixed!

            The Brentwood is delicious
            Bistro 90 is too