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Dec 1, 2013 08:22 AM

Wines to be delivered as a gift

I would like to send a mixed case of wines as a gift. I'm basically looking for a place with a good online selection of budget wines ($10 or so) that will ship at, ideally, a reasonable price to Maryland and Tennessee. The Maryland location is just outside of Washington, DC, but it seems my go-to wine store, Calvert Woodley, doesn't ship or deliver to MD.

Given I'm buying inexpensive wines am I going to have to pay more in shipping costs than makes sense?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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  1. We're also sending a case of wine for a Christmas gift. However, check out if you can legally ship (or the wine store can legally ship) from your state to the giftee's state. We were told that here (California), "3rd party" shippers can send it to our giftee's state, but the shipping costs are quite high.

    1. I believe both states prohibit delivery of wine. MD had a law put into effect in 2011 that allows wineries who register with their state comptroller office to direct ship, but liquor/wine stores still cannot. My guess is the only wineries who have bothered to do so are actually IN the state of MD or maybe a few in surrounding states, so you're likely going to have the best luck finding a local winery.

      I believe TN has the same deal (only not quite as restrictive so as to be wineries only), but the store has to have a permit in their state to ship, so my guess is your best bet is find a local TN wine shop.

      1. It depends on what you mean by just outside DC. Montgomery County makes if very difficult, but Prince George County is not as strict. You might see if Total Wines will do it for you.

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          Yup, Montgomery County! Doesn't look as if Total Wines ships there, but thanks anyway

        2. There's no real risk if you send it yourself besides the risk to your piece-of-mind knowing you have broken Maryland's and Tennessee's weird booze laws.
          I'm not going to name the companies that have broken the law on my behalf but I have had wine delivered to states where it is illegal to do so. I'd look for smaller retailers, not big companies.

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            We've arranged our wine shipment, and I was glad that the winery could guarantee that it would arrive intact.

            Plus: very weird, but recently I was in the post office, and the guy ahead of me was shipping a boxful of children's books, but in a liquor box. Clerk said he could not accept the box, as even booze "words" were prohibited. Bizarre? The guy bought 2 rolls of opaque packaging tape to put over all the booze words.

          2. >>> Given I'm buying inexpensive wines am I going to have to pay more in shipping costs than makes sense? <<<

            Yes. Shipping is often prohibitively expensive, PLUS in the locations you mention -- TN to MD -- makes it illegal.

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              Our shipping, for a case, was $36, which was actually less than I had feared. BUT, it was to a "legal to ship" state.

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                It is definitely illegal for a retailer to ship to MD, but it is OK for a winery to do so if they do the proper paperwork. Thankfully I can now get my highly allocated wines shipped to me in MD instead of having to ship them to DC and bootleg them over the boarder like I used to do. MD also passed a corkage law last year so things are looking up.