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Dec 1, 2013 07:52 AM

1 more dinner, recommendations?

First timers, spending 3 nights in Vegas next week. We have reservations at é by José Andrés, Lotus of Siam, and are looking for 1 more solid choice. We have a reservation at Sage, but not 100% sold on it yet. We considered Carnevino, or another steakhouse, but the highly mixed reviews made it hard to choose one. We have a car, and budget isn't really an issue, but trying to keep it fairly reasonable. Recommendations are welcome. Also, lunch spots are welcome as well! (we're thinking Mon Ami Gabi, brunch at Bouchon, or some cheap stuff like In & Out and Cipriottis) Thanks!

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  1. Working backwards.....let me suggest the food court at NY/NY Hotel & Casino for lunch. Unless you have a massive hangover, lunch at Capriotti's or In & Out is really not worth the $$$....At NY/NY, you have an excellent deli with pretty good pastrami on rye, a solid Tex-Mex with outstanding salsa and chips, decent fried fish & chips, and solid angus burgers...the only part of the food court that I would skip is the pizza (not good)...My first choice would be a restaurant lunch, like Mon Ami Gabi; but if you are leaning towards something like In & Out, then I would do the food court before fastfood takeout.
    I am not as big a fan of Andres' place as some are....if you are looking for "reasonable," I think that there are better quality/value combinations that can be found. As for a steakhouse, I would choose Prime always; and put SW at the Wynn in 2nd place. Off the Strip, Del Frisco is always a good choice.

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      Prime and SW are definitely a few of my considerations, but It seems as though there's not a consensus on THE steakhouse to go to, which makes it really difficult to choose. We're staying in the Palazzo, and I hear Carnevino has the best steak in Vegas, which would be very convenient, but most reviews say everything else about Carnevino is meh. Sage sounded like a fun and pretty solid dining experience. The Signature Tasting Menu ($89) was probably the way we'd go, with the Wagyu supplement, and probably the Foie Gras Brulee as well. But I'm still undecided!

      1. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'm def interested in In & Out, at least for the novelty, because I've never had it before. Capriotti's I don't feel strongly about, and would easily pass on. I appreciate all of the other choices, I'll look into them!

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          There's no novelty to In-N-Out. It's a consistently good and cheap fast food burger chain with a only a handful of items on the menu. It has it's detractors and many who say they just don't "get it." They'll cite more upscale burger places and East Coast joints like Five Guys or Shake Shake. (I predict this post will elicit some of those responses...)

          It's worth a try so you can form your own opinion. A good order for a first-timer would be a Double-Double Animal-Style with an order of fries and your choice of soft drink or shake. This is the type of meal where iced tea, lemonade, or water just don't cut it. Many people complain about the fries being sub-par. To that, I suggest getting an order of fries well-done and comparing it with a regular order, and dipping them in Spread (just ask for it) and not regular ketchup.

          Like many visitors, chances are you won't be blown away and be left wondering what exactly is so special about In-N-Out. If that's turns out to be the case, it's okay--the millions of us who swear by it will keep them in business.

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            Thank you! I guess novelty was the wrong word, and I really meant "to see what it's all about". Thanks for the ordering tips

          1. For a cheap lunch go to Ellis Island Casino for their off the menu steak special. Ellis Island micro brews their own beer and root beer. The steak special includes a twenty ounce beer or root beer, soup or salad, ten ounce top sirloin, green beans and potato or rice for $8.99. Each person ordering the steak special will need to sign up for the players club card and swipe the card at a kiosk for a voucher for the steak special. You'll get a minimum of $10 free play for signing up for the slot club.

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              Thanks Eric! Will definitely consider that!