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Dec 1, 2013 07:02 AM

Valhalla Crossing- any updates?

I am hoping to give some gift certificates to Valhalla Crossing restaurant for Christmas. The reviews I've found on-line are mostly pretty positive. Very little on Chowhound, tho. Anyone who has been there recently and wants to encourage or discourage this gift idea, please feel free!

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  1. Hi Florida Hound, IMO for a family that is not seriously into food, has kids who would be thrilled to watch a train or two go by maybe more depending on day of the week time of day this would be a good choice.
    When I was there a couple of years ago first and last time, the only dish I liked was the one I ordered, a bowl of chili. I had a spoonful of the French onion soup it was bland and salty, I also sampled the fried chicken someone ordered and it tasted predominantly of one spice that made the chicken taste off. In addition I sampled the bbq sauce which had a predominant fake hickory flavor yuck. I think I remember the fries being the coated variety but I'm not one hundred percent sure.
    Have you considered posting a thread detailing the likes dislikes types of places currently patronized and favorite cuisines of the folks for whom you are purchasing the gift certificates?

    1. Been there twice in the last 2 months. Once for shepherd’s pie and once for a burger. Pretty standard fare and a step above the local diner. Portions were large. If you want to watch the trains go by, ask for a table with a view of the tracks. While there are better restaurants in the area, I would be very happy if I received a gift certificate to this place.

      My favorite restaurant in Valhalla is Sergio's ( but I don't know if they have gift certificates. Sergio's prices are on par with Valhalla Crossing but their food (mostly Italian) is much better. Their lunch and dinner Prix Fixe are great bargains, too.

      1. I'd go nuts for a gift certificate from there - mostly because it's my sons' favorite restaurant. :) They're crazy for the "train room" and the staff is super sweet and patient with my little diners. I do love their burgers though. They have paninis on the menu too - which are delicious as well. If one of your gift recipients is someone with small children, definitely go for it. :)