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Dec 1, 2013 05:32 AM

Does anyone remember King Cotton [San Rafael] or The Hippo [San Francisco] ?

Any ole folks out there remember King Cotton in San Rafael or The Hippo in S F ?

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  1. I certainly remember the Hippo! Fun pictures on the wall, good burger. I'm reminded every time I go by the location. A definite loss.

    1. I remember Hippo and the giant copper hood.

      1. I remember the Hippo too, but prefer not to think of myself as "ole folks."

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        1. re: Rapini

          It closed in 1987, so you don't have to be all that old to remember it.

          The many-burger-variations menu has had something of a resurgence: Umami Burger, Eureka, etc.

        2. I remember Hippo. My junior high school used to go on a field trip there every a year. Hippo Burger and a play. It was the first time I'd ever tasted Béarnaise sauce. So yummy on a burger! I vividly recall one of my classmates getting a Cannibal Burger (raw) and someone else getting a hamburger sundae. Yes, with ice cream, hot fudge sauce (I think), and a pickle! I, too, think of it fondly every time I go by the location.

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            Really? My 7th grade English teacher used to take her class every year to Hippo, too! Mrs. Tremain, perhaps?

          2. I definitely remember The Hippo and, like TenderNob said, notice the location (almost) every time I drive by. What a classic fun place. Too bad it's gone with nothing anywhere to replace it that I know of.