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Dec 1, 2013 04:09 AM

Where to buy coconut chips

Hi, does anyone know where I can find coconut chips in Toronto?

Like this:

I've only seen toasted and sweetened ones.


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  1. Bulk Barn sells a brand called Danielle's. I've seen them at other places from time to time but no where in particular comes to mind..

    1. I buy the bob's red mill brand at the Noah's near yonge and bloor - they label them coconut flakes

      1. Pestacio is a beautiful store for dried fruit, seeds, nuts, etc. It's on Yonge near Fairlawn. Pistachios are imported from Iran and are not too salty (they also have unsalted and lemon salt). I'm pretty sure I saw dried coconut similar to what you're looking for. Here's the website: although I couldn't find the coconut there.

        I'm personally kind of addicted to the coconut pieces covered in 70% dark chocolate that they sell.

        1. We found some at Whole foods, but they may be the sweetened variety.