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Dec 1, 2013 03:27 AM

Good Korean BBQ in Palisades Park?

There are a ton, but I don't know which are good and which are not. Advice welcome for a fun night out!

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  1. The top one is Soo Moon Nam Jip. The quality has changed over the years but still beats all the others hands down. Hey have a charcoal pit on the table for cooking.
    The service us quick. Be prepared to wait a but on weekend nights. They have a parking at the back.

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    1. re: khivi

      SMNJ is the most *popular*, but I don't necessarily think it's the best. I don't think there's any single place that is consistently putting out better or worse BBQ than the next place in Pal Park (in the same price range).

      But yeah, SMNJ would be a good place to start. Can't go wrong there...