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Nov 30, 2013 08:48 PM

Top 10 Singapore

Hi there everyone. I've had a look for a thread like this but couldn't find one. I'm visiting Singapore for the first time in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for people's 'Must Eat' places in the city. I'm thinking hawkers rather than fancy restaraunts although I'm happy to try anywhere that comes recommended.

I'm currently living in Kuala Lumpur so any particular dishes not available there would be nice, however I'd enjoy sampling any of the 'iconic' eating destinations in the city.

Im going to be visiting for 5 days. So, where should I go for the first few meals?

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  1. Hi ManBeard, there was a good list provided in a recent discussion .. sieve through Lau's recommendations.

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      Brilliant. Both very useful posts, thanks so much guys. Not long now, looking forward to some great food :)

    2. Hi manbeard! I spent 3 weeks in Singapore this year eating my way through the city - lucky you! And you're on the right track - we ate at a couple of the fancy restaurants and they weren't really that special. You probably know this already since you live in KL but Singapore has to import everything - produce, meat, seafood, etc. I was surprised when we ate at Iggy's and they kept referencing Japanese farms...

      Anyway, top eats that we found:
      - Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, 11 New Bridge Rd - this was our favorite bak kuh te - the braised pork rib dish that's classic singaporean fare. Fantastic! The pork trotters were a dream here too
      - 328 Katong Laksa - our favorite singaporean laksa
      - Melben Seafood and Uncle Leong Seafood for crab - owned by brothers, similar in style. especially their signature crab (it was buttery and delicious)
      - Ya Kun Kaya Toast - I'm sure you hava kaya in KL but the original shop on 18 China St is the best kaya toast I had
      - Singapore Zam Zam had fantastic murtabak
      - Bismillah Biryani was very good Biryani
      - The Tekka Hawker Center in Little India had some amazing stalls for Indian food - biryani, naan, pratha, rojak
      - Zhen Zhen porridge is in Maxwell and really did have amazing congee with fish
      - Also in Maxwell, the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is very delicious, although not necessarily worth a really long wait
      - Geylang Lorong 29 has very good fried hokkien mee - address 396 E. Coast Road
      - Lao Ban at Maxwell - i love the soya pudding, but it's not technically the traditional soft tofu, but it's still really tasty...
      - The fish curry at Ocean Curry was pretty good, it's not indian style, more chinese style, but it was the only fish head curry I liked

      Places I thought were just okay or overrated:
      - Founder Bak Kuh Teh - (Song Fa is much better)
      - Lau Pa Sat (the skewers are just grilled meat, nothing special, and the hawker center is not really much better than anywhere else)
      - No Signboard And Long Beach were expensive and really not that tasty for crab - melben or uncle leong were better
      - We ate a ton of fish head curry and none of them were very good (muthu's curry, a few others). It usually tasted too "fishy" - a sign of not very fresh fish...
      - East Coast Food Village was a pain to get to, super crowded, and just okay food
      - Food Republic are just sanitized hawker centers, not that great

      And there were others - if you have any specific questions, ask away! I'm planning on putting up a blogpost with more specifics and photos sometime in the future...

      Enjoy your time in Singapore!

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