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Nov 30, 2013 07:39 PM

Novel Approach to Turkey Roasting

Our daughter neatly solved the problem of dried out white meat by
the time the dark meat is thoroughly cooked to proper temperature.
She used a meat thermometer in the breast area. When it reached
temperature, she took bird out and, (as she graphically put it), gave
it a double mastectomy. After which she returned the dark meat and the whole carcass to the oven to thoroughly cook the dark meat.

She pre-sliced the white meat, made gravy, and gave me the job of
slicing the dark meat. Both white and dark meat were juicy and perfect!
Nice way to avoid last minute carving when there was a lot of family,
and no truly skilled last-minute carver.

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  1. Both white and dark meat were juicy and perfect!

    That's a cute story....and I'm glad your family enjoyed the results....but,natural juices are lost when hot meat is poked or sliced...and that's not perfect in the culinary world.

    Next time, simply consider removing the back and legs from the Turkey before placing in the oven. that way the White meat and Dark meat cook separately from each other and when the Whit meat hits temperature, you can remove and give it the proper rest the meat needs before slicing.

    The benefit of this is...if presentation is your thing, then you can still rearrange the pieces on a platter to resemble the whole bird.

    1. The trick for cooking the turkey so the breast and dark meat come out perfect? Easy! twenty minutes before you put the bird in the oven, put ice packs on each of the breasts for that twenty minute period. Works every time.

      1. A friend was telling me tonight that he nailed a perfect bird by removing the legs and braising them separately, until the meat fell off the bones, which also gave him a quantity of nice stock to make gravy with.