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Nov 30, 2013 07:24 PM


Did anyone go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving? I had a nice time at my neighbor's house......plenty of great conversation and vittles. My sister had a good time at Threadgill's downtown.

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  1. We considered a splurge at Trio's buffet, then decided to go traditional style at Hyde Park, but the wait was two hours and we had a movie to catch, so on a whim we went to Szechuan House for a decidedly not fancy and non-traditional meal.

    The tea smoked duck was delicious (I posted a review in a thread for the restaurant).

    If anyone went to the Trio buffet, I'd love to hear a review.

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      I did Trio's Thanksgiving buffet a few years ago and was underwhelmed by the tastiness of the food. I think we do it better at home. Duck at Szechuan House sounds fantastic, though!

    2. Over the hills(borough) and through the woods to grandfathers house... made some capons to take to two of his friends that are now in those assisted living places then cooked at his house and 10...yes 10 hours on I35 back teeeeeennnn... did go to good Seafood place Tulsa on Friday Bodeans.

      1. Hoover's on Manor Road was packed!
        We had already eaten a great deep fried turkey and fixins at a friend's and stopped by Hoover's for a couple of margaritas on our way to UT for pregame tailgating. The wait was daunting, the servers harried (yet smiling) but the food being carried by looked wonderful. Large portions and those actually eating seemed to really enjoy their meals.