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Nov 30, 2013 07:23 PM

McGonigle's Market for brisket BBQ sanwich,yay or nay??? [KC]

We will be coming for our Christmas shopping Wednesday and since our first stop will be at Trader Joe's we thought we would stop for lunch at Mcgonigles for a quick sandwich , we are really pressed for time since we have to drive home the next day, ,we will be going to Bonefish grill for supper later in the day,If it's a nay please recommend something close by,we will be staying in overland,ks very close to Costco.

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  1. McGonigle's stuff is good but all made to go, so you would be eating in the parking lot if that's what you had in mind. TJ's is Only 5 minutes from the Plaza so you could eat at Jack Stack if you want BBQ. If you are really in a hurry there's a Culver's burgers not too far in the other direction from TJ's along with several other chain places.

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      Thank you for the comeback, guess we'll have to try Mcgonigle's in the summer time when we come the next time,you see we will be coming in to Kansas after a 5 hour drive and really would like to relax a bit so we need aplace that we can sit down at.After we leave Trader Joe's we are going straight to overland Park where Costco is.Now I know there are a lot of chains in that area but would like one that does a really good burger [charbroiled preferable]
      The next day on our way home we will once again go to the Costco on Linwood blvd to get our perishables.Will we be anywhere in the area where Woody's bbq is?????
      P.S dont like Culvers.

      1. re: mutti

        Nope no Woody's here.
        P.S Don't eat at Culver's if you don't like it. ;)

        1. re: Samalicious

          Turns out we went to McGonigles after all,so glad we did turns out it was one off the best brisket sandwiches we ever had.Wish we could have gone back today and bought some to take home but we had to leave early due to the bad storm we are getting here in Arkansas, next time.Thank you for the feedback.

    2. Where in St Louis is McGonigle's?

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      1. BBQ not far from TJ's is The Stack - you could grab a great, quick sandwich there. Costco on Linwood is 5 miles from Woodyard BBQ if that's what you're referring to. I LOVE Woodyard. You could check Sheridan's Unforked in OP for a burger.