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Nov 30, 2013 04:01 PM

All-Clad Roaster Origins

My future wife wants an All-Clad roaster and she's adamant about buying US made (which I think is awesome). A lot of All-Clad stuff is made in the US and some in Italy, but I have yet to find a roaster not made in China.

Do these things simply not exist? Has anyone ever found a non-China made All-Clad roaster?


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  1. If you mean the name brand All-Clad, I would call the company and ask them. If they don't have their roasters made in the USA, they will at least know you won't buy it otherwise. I have heard something to the effect that every single consumer complaint represents many, many more. I applaud you and your fiance's stance on buying US goods.

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      Good advice MrsJonesey, I'll give that a shot and if they don't have a non-China made roaster I'll find the next best thing.

    2. Personally, I find my French and Belgian cookware to be superior to the All-Clad I have owned and used.

      My Demeyere Atlantis and Proline 5* is superior to All-Clad for my uses. First, there are no RIVETS for the handle to to clean when I wash them. Secondly, All-Clad's handle shape on the skillets and sauce pans is TERRIBLE IMHO.

      For American made, Lodge cast iron (raw - not enameled) and Brooklyn Copper is about where it ends unless I am missing some small scale boutique maker. Chicago Metallic might offer something of interest but, I'm not sure where all their stuff is made (but it is very good for the price).

      The Western European cookware makers offer superior cookware in general. I have used various WMF, Rosle, Spring, De Buyer, Paderno, Mauviel, De Buyer and few other brands I'm sure I have overlooked with very good results.

      1. "Do these things simply not exist? Has anyone ever found a non-China made All-Clad roaster?"

        De Buyer 5664.40 Rectangular Steel Roasting Pan Mineral B Element with 2 Aluminum Handles, Grey

        It's French FWIW.

        1. On All Clad's website they state their bonded products are made in the USA. Their flared roasters are tri-ply, bonded stainless with aluminum core.
          They have a couple of roasters called Roti that are stainless only, not bonded, and are specifically identified as Made in China.