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Nov 30, 2013 03:58 PM

Nov 27 partial trip report_Coquette

At Coquette our party of six tried all the small plates (minus head cheese). On a cold Wednesday night our menu included included a horizontally arrayed vegetable salad, raw tuna, short ribs, oysters, and a delightful butternut squash cavatelli.

We added on two of the full plate duck specials… and it was adequate quantity for six with plenty of room for dessert.

Passing around the plates, and savoring Coquette’s creative array, was very fun and festive the night before Thanksgiving; only Bob felt it was an “emperor’s clothes” experience. Perhaps I had hyped it too much? Perhaps we should have ordered one more large plate? Everyone else was entranced; the consensus was the best dishes were the short ribs, the tuna and the duck.

Drinks included a stalwart Sazerac, Monmartre brut, a sweet carviola cocktail (sobieski vodka, caraway liqueur, lemon bitters, moscato d'asti), and someone went the scenic route: dewars scotch, ginger liqueur, chamomile soda, lemon juice.

Zach Miller’s DESSERTS were the standout. We had apple fritters, the square milk chocolate mousse, grasshopper brownie cake, and the mille feuille cake. Bob paired the latter with a Pedro Ximinex sherry (port?) that was too sweet for him. I loved the fritters topped with a smoky chantilly. Mr. Miller is also to be congratulated on his bread which was bounteously served.

Nick and Mandy took great care of us in the upstairs dining room at a large circular table in the middle.

It was a medley of lovingly presented small plates with plenty of textural/flavor surprises. Perhaps portions were a bit heartier my last time at Coquette? This time pastry chef Miller was the star of the evening.

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  1. I went last night! Ate like you did, split the wild catfish dip (excellent! with kale and satsumas on toast points), short rib and fried quail with sheep's cheese, all very good apps. Then split the duck entrée with oats "risotto", enjoyed it very much. Loved Zach's grasshopper brownie cake, wasn't that intense mint ice cream the bomb?! Had a full-bodied Vayqueras from the southern Rhone, nice complement to the food.

    Glad to hear your trip is going well, look forward to more reports!

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      Thanks, sanglier. Sounds like a wonderful meal and perfect pairing.

      I am quite behind on the trip reports because our nights/days have been so full -- did Celebration in the Oaks last night which is quite quirky.

      Going to try to catch up today. I thought the mint dessert was wonderful, but I also thought the fritter with the smoke chantilly was exceptional.

      Bob n I spontaneously decided to do Saturday night dinner sitting at the bar at Herbsaint (just us two) and it was a real highlight of the trip!

      Because you introduced me to Rebecca we got some very special tastes sent out from her FINE kitchen. The servers were very attentive. Thanks, again! More details later.

      Today (Mon) is our last day....and family folks are going separate ways so I am not sure what is up food wise. I may have to start researching real estate. LOL!

    2. Forgot to mention that our Wednesday 11/27 lunch was Po-boys @ Domilise's. I had the oyster. My pals had shrimp and catfish.

      The Domilise's "dressing" included some kind of tomato/ketchup based sauce (not a hot sauce) that kind of threw me off. I also thought the quantity of fried fish filling @Dom's was not as hearty as Parkway's.

      It was very fun to watch the ladies take the fried fish out of the fryer and meticulously place it on the buns.

      I am definitely team Parkway. Plus their sweet potato fries are delish, and a great accompaniment to the Po-boy.

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      1. re: karendor

        The Coquette report sounds great. I will add it to out Xmas itinerary. Probably for lunch. I would agree on Parkway over Domilise's, although my experience is limited. Hoping against hope that Walker's will be open during this visit. Glad to hear your trip went so well