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Nov 30, 2013 03:48 PM

Where to buy bulk chocolate in CT

I was looking to but both bittersweet and semisweet chocolate and went to Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Trader Joes and found nothing. Trader Joes had huge bars but with nuts in them. Whole Foods in Milford anyway, doesn't have room for it anymore. I ended up going to Target and just getting Ghiradelli bars. Any other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. How much are you looking for?
    Commercial bars are 5 kilos and can be had locally at fairly good prices.
    Trader Joe's used to have chunks not bars of semi sweet, milk and white chocolates. Above the frozen foods.
    If you need 5K I can let you know where to get them.
    Cheaper bars can be had at Aldi stores.

    1. Hmm. Strange. The Glastonbury Whole Foods usually has Valrhona feves out at holiday time (used to be always, then it seemed to change). When I couldn't count on Whole Foods anymore, I just started buying 'em online.

      I usually get a bigger bag, but shop away and dowutchalike:

      1. Stop and Shop usually gets the bulk Callebaut chocolate in around December 1. It is set up on a wooden butcher block table between the deli and produce departments. I was in both Trumbull and Shelton S&S on Friday and it was available.

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          I will check out my local Stop & Shop. Have not been there in a few days. Thanks!

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            I see Callebaut chocolate in the Glastonbury S&S year round.

        2. Dunno what you're looking to spend, but Fascia's in Waterbury can help you for sure.

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            I thought about taking a ride up there too. Thanks