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Nov 30, 2013 03:27 PM

Peddler's Village

Can anybody tell me if the restaurants, like Earl's, Buttonwood Grill, The Tavern or The Pub other than Porterhouse in Peddler's Village have good beer, possibly craft beer with good food? My husband likes craft beers. Thanks!

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  1. Littlecmad.. of the places in Peddler's village, the place to go for craft beer is Buttonwood Grill. They redid the restaurant a while ago to feature craft beers, and the list is not bad.

    The other place to go in Lahaska for craft beer is Porterhouse Pub. This place used to brew (at one time had a relationship with Riverhorse, and then later Yards). It is just at the edge of the Peddler's Village area and has its own parking lot. Food there is ok.

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      I know about Porterhouse, I said "other than" Porterhouse in my post.

      1. re: littlecmad

        I was trying to compare and contrast the two.. and frankly I find the food and beer selection at Porterhouse to be superior to Buttonwood. But of all the Peddler's Village properties you listed the one to go to for craft beer is Buttonwood.

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          Buttonwood is pretty decent, with a respectable beer selection of both "craft" beers and some decent mainstream beers as well (sometimes, a good ol' Yuengling Traditional can be a nice change from some of the overwrought and often palate numbing "craft" offerings).

          As far as the food, that's not bad either, though I would definitely skip their much hyped is far from the very worst I've ever had, but my GF and I both found it to be remarkably flavorless; she and I both found ourselves reaching for the condiments to add some flavor (something we rarely do when enjoying a good burger). There are many far, far better choices on their menu.
          The service was a tad slow, but we did visit at a fairly busy hour so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for that.

          Since beer will be a major focus for your husband, I should add that the staff does not appear to be very knowledgeable with regard to the beers... but since your hubs sounds like an experienced beer afficianado, I expect he should be pretty happy with the beer offerings.