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Nov 30, 2013 03:06 PM

Thai Restaurant in Monmouth County compared to Four Seasons In Piscataway

Is there a Thai restaurant in Monmouth County that can be compared to Four Seasons in Piscataway.

Four Seasons is the real deal that does not tone down their dishes for the American palate

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  1. 4 seasons is great. Haven't found another in Jersey like it so far.

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    1. re: RobertF

      ^^^^^What he said. Nothing, and no one comes even remotely close to having real Thai exiting that kitchen with the 'heat' built into the dish and not ever requiring a supplement of a jar of red pepper sauce on the table.

      All I can say Tony, is to keep doing what you're doing. If you live down here, KNOW that you'll have to cross the Driscoll and up #287 to thet the real deal.

      1. re: JustJake

        Such praise would seem to almost require a CH Four Seasons gathering. Maybe after the Holidays?

        1. re: equal_Mark

          mark In January would be perfect count me in!!

          1. re: Tapas52

            Count me in. Mid January would be perfect.

            I also love their sister restaurant in Highland Park, Pad Thai.

            1. re: seal

              Had been to Pad Thai a couple times a number of years ago. Clearly remember when ordering from the middle aged Asian waitress her repeating when I inquired about the spice levels: "Medium is veddy veddy HOT! Be careful if you order medium! It is VEDDY HOT!!" She was right... :-)

              1. re: equal_Mark

                They did exactly the same to me- wouldn't let me order their very I recall, their medium was solidly spicy!! Great food there as well as spice.

                1. re: equal_Mark

                  Mark, with both Pad Thai and 4 Seasons being owned by the same family, it is the Four Seasons eatery that is serving more indigenous peasant food.

                  Not saying they don't deal 'heat' at the HP locale, but 4 Seasons has a decidedly different menu. This would be right up your alley as even the 'medium' results in sweaty brows and a full wet philtrum.

                  Since I no longer work up there, and
                  thus have no reason to be there (man, I don't miss working for the 'man' after 23 years in Somerset), THIS would be as good, if not the ONLY reason for my visiting that area again.

                    1. re: tony marrazzo

                      Back in my less-adventurous days I used to work right down the street from this place...I went once but I had no idea what I was ordering and the food was SO SPICY I never went back! I want redemption!

                      1. re: joonjoon

                        Funny, we went last Saturday and thought the food wasn't that spicy. The noodles and green curry had a little kick, the third dish, a meat and eggplant combo, was absolutely bland. We ordered all three medium. We usually order hot at other Thai places. I hadn't been to Four Seasons for years, but I remember fondly having great lunches there when it first opened and I lived in the area.

                        1. re: beastca

                          We've been to 4 Seasons so many times, we've found that 9 out of 10 times, it's exactly what it should be. But like any other homemade product, some inconsistency is to be expected. I can count on one hand the number of disappointing dishes we've had. By that standard, their batting average is stratospheric. We'll be glad to be a part of a CH roadtrip!

                          1. re: albinoni

                            Hopefully something can be arranged after the holidays. Anyone game to take the lead?


      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Haven't found any place in Monmouth County that spices their dishes with authentic Thai style heat. The closest I've experienced is Mie Thai in Woodbridge: Use to enjoy this place regularly when I worked in Rahway. Whole fried fish was among my favorites.

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          1. re: cke25

            Have been a big fan of Mie Thai for years! When ordering extra spicy I have blanket permission from Richard allowing the wait staff to serve it (They had been burned [pun intended] by macho blow-hards asking for spicy then wimping out and sending it back).

            For well spiced Thai food in Monmouth County you ought to try Muang Thai in Red Bank.


            Last time we were there I asked for some of the fish sauce and chili garlic sauce. The owner brought out the sauces, but before placing them on the table he advised us to taste the food before adding any (I had ordered the Larb extra spicy). It was good advice!

          2. For Monmouth County, I would second equal_Mark's recommendation for Muang Thai. However, if you are ever in Ocean County, I strongly suggest you give Siam Spice in Toms River a try. IMHO, it's one of the best Thai restaurants in the state (with all due respect to Mie Thai and Four Seasons).