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Nov 30, 2013 02:35 PM

Feedback on researched New Year's itinerary appreciated

We are excited to be visiting NOLA for the first time since Katrina and with our family.

We arrive noon Tuesday Dec.. 31st and are staying at The Roosevelt. Our dinner reservations are at Marti. Will it be safe to walk back to the Roosevelt before midnight with our family? I noted other comments on the difficulty of getting a taxi.

Wednesday Jan. 1st we are planning on taking the family to the World War 2 museum in the morning and then walking back to the hotel. Any lunch suggestions for New Years day? We have Domenica reservations for dinner later.

Thursday Jan. 2nd we are doing several tours during the day. Later we have arranged for a sitter for our children and are meeting a dear friend of ours for dinner. We are entertaining either Clancy's or Sylvain. Thoughts?

Friday Jan. 3rd is Peche for a late lunch. We may try Green Goddess or Erin Rose for a snack later.

Sadly we leave early Jan. 4th which means we will have to return for brunch next time.

I always appreciate insight/feedback from fellow Chowhounds. I will happily report back. Happy New Year 2014 to all!

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  1. I have made that walk several times but think you would be better getting a cab. On that side of the Quarter you should be able to get one.

    Four hours is the minimum time needed for the museum.

    Lunch on the 1st can be in any of the good restaurants in hotels. Luke, SoBou, Cafe Adelaide. See if MiLa is open for lunch that day. That would be a winner and only a half block from the Roosevelt.

    We just returned from a weekend at the Roosevelt and hit our favorites, which included Dominica and MiLa.

    1. I ate at Marti's on Friday and really enjoyed it a lot. The house French 75 is on the pricier side but among the best I've had, the bone marrow was outstanding, the scallops and rabbit were notable. The walk is okay (though I'd opt for walking down Burgundy instead of Rampart) but like collardman indicates, a cab will be cheap. Although I don't drive I had two conversations with the valet, on the way in and on the way out. With attentive valet service like that I suspect you'll have no problems having a cab hailed.

      It gets busy (well, mobbed) at lunchtime but the American Sector restaurant inside the WWII museum is solid and caters some to younger tastes. I stop by once in a while when I'm over there in the mid-afternoon for happy hour. I'm also a closet fan of the Ugly Dog Saloon, just up the street. They have better food than you think they will and excellent mac & cheese. (Thought that's subjective I suppose.) Not much of an atmosphere per se but quick and easy and always a good time.

      It might be obvious (and I might have misunderstood your plans) but the Erin Rose is first and foremost a bar ... I'm not sure that little people -- err, children -- are allowed inside. That said, Killer Po-Boys is fabulous and their iced Irish coffee shouldn't be missed. (My perpetual thanks to whomever here recommended that drink; I toast you every time I get one.)