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Nov 30, 2013 02:01 PM

Whiskey for a gift

So I am looking for a gift, a nice bottle of whiskey. Probably Canadian. but not sure. So normally my friend drinks Crown Royal, or Canadian Club Sherry Cask..sometimes will venture into Knob Creek, Devils Cut. I'd like to get him a nice bottle of somethig for Christmas. My budget is 100$ or a little more. Any good ideas?

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  1. Redbreast Irish Whiskey would be an elegant step over from smooth Canadian whisky. All pot stilled. The regular and 12 year run about $50 and 70, respectively. Makes a great gift and isn't overly scarce.

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      To clarify the regular is also 12 yr old, but the more expensive 12 yr bottle is cask strength.

    2. Scotch is probably the broadest and most rewarding whiskey category. Something like Auchentoshan Three Wood ($80-ish in Boston) would have lots of sherry notes that you know he likes and is very accessible (for Scotch).

      The downside is that nice everyday Scotches are hard to find under $30-$40.

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      1. Thanks for both suggestions! Oddly enough, he doesn't like Scotch. Very frustrating. While I am almost positive if he'd try the "right stuff" he'd like it, I don't feel confident giving it as a gift. Might go with Redbreast if I can find it.

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          The Redbreast is a great suggestion. For bourbon, maybe something super-smooth like Blanton's or really rich like William Larue Weller (if you can find it).

        2. If he likes Crown Royal, Forty Creek is a bit more elegant Canadian Whisky that he might enjoy. Another nice Canadian that's pretty easy to find is Caribou Crossing. These retain those sweet Canadian notes but with a bit more complexity, and in Caribou Crossing's case, a bit of spice.

          1. If he sometimes ventures into American whiskies... try Eagle Rare, you just can't miss. Buffalo Trace a close 2nd.