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Gas Station food offerings

Not talking about a chicken & waffle, hidden gem inside a gas station. Or, a TexMex "authentic" southwest kitchen sharing space with a fuel purveyor.

Asking 'hounds if they seek out a specific gas station to purchase a hot snack or lunch from the prepared products increasing being offered by gas station/food marts.

I declair myself addicted by the Bacon Cheeseburger on sale at Speedway, just two miles from my home. $2.39 for one, or else 2 for $4.
This Speedway also has a roller heater always filled with hot dogs and other cylindrical foods; a pizza carousel with four trays always filled; and a cooling unit with about 10 different sub sandwiches any patron can nuke in an on-site microwave.

I stopped in today to get a Bacon Cheeseburger. I was tasty. It had far more eye appeal than any similar sandwich from Wendys. I'm hooked.

How about you? Grab a treat on the way to the registers to pay for your gas?

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  1. The spatchcocked chicken stuffed with crawfish etouffee at Buc-ee's in Madisonville, TX, is worth any amount of gas you pay for for wherever you are goin'.

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        Not fair, Buccee's is not just a gas station. You can buy $400 Yeti coolers there.

      2. I know a few people that really like the food at both Sheetz and Wawa, but I just can't get over the fact that it's food made in a gas station to try any of it. It's a total mental
        thing, I realize. I feel the same way about restaurants connected to gas stations, even though I hear a lot of them can be really good.

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          Woody's smoked peppered pork tenderloin was conceived at a gas station in Centerville, TX, but it has since grown into its own building - without gas!
          It's a great treat.

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            If the building isn't connected to a gas station, then I'm in.

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            When I was a truck driver Sheetz and Wawa with truck parking were a welcome sight.

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              Especially if Sara was there...:)

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              I had a breakfast burrito at Sheetz in Gettysburg a few years back. Liked it enough to go back the next day.
              While it aint great, it's certainly quite serviceable. It's made fresh to order.


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                In the Philadelphia area, Wawa was a convenience store before it was a gas station. So those that like Wawa hoagies are going to a place that has been making sandwiches long before Wawa started having pumps.

                Sheetz on the other hand I have heard that people really like their food/coffee etc. Personally i am underwhelmed.

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                  I live in a pretty urban area of Queens, NY where gas stations are pretty much for gas. However, we were on a trip earlier this Fall in Lancaster, PA and there was a Sheetz gas station on the corner by our hotel. I initially stopped in to buy a few beverages and snacks to stock our room and was quickly intrigued by the sheer size of this place! Sure enough, a few days in, a pang arose in me that required food late at night. I was stalking the aisles looking for something to microwave back in our room, when the cashier asked me if I needed help finding anything. When I explained what it was I was seeking, she pointed me toward the MTO counter, with a smile, and I was doubtful...but surprised in the end. As a 38 year old mother, it felt a little awkward standing around with a bunch of stoner kids (I was one of them too once, though), but I liked that I was standing around - i.e. I had to wait for my stuff to be prepared. I think I had some popcorn chicken, and I ordered two or three other things - I don't remember what they were,but they were pretty good and it was all "made to order". The popcorn chicken barely made it all the way back to my room. The other stuff was pretty good too. Funny thing is, I am not a big fan of fast food, and can't bear to touch the stuff they "cook" at 7-11 a few blocks away from my house, but I would totally take a Sheetz around the corner from my home.

                2. Wawa - Italian Hoagie

                  Royal Farms - fried chicken, it's not a separate store inside it's sold by the gas station, best takeout chicken next to Popeye's

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                  1. There's a Shell (I think) station on Rt. 1 in Charlestown, Rhode Island that has a great deli counter. Fresh Italian grinders, yum. They also serve Del's frozen lemonade. What more could you ask for?

                    1. Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City is great BBQ and a gas station.

                      I also had great tacos at a gas station north east of Santa Cruz. I can't remember what it was called, but I found it on chow hound.

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                        The line to get into OK Joes is amazing. I went there Labor Day weekend at opening time and there were already 50 people queued up for the 'cue. Great food, and the take out side of things has a great selection bbq sauces, rubs and so forth that you can get without waiting in the line.

                      2. We had Danny and Clyde po-boys at our wedding. QT coffee is just fine. QT also has some nice fresh sandwiches which we have picked up along with fruit and chips for a few impromptu picnics. A gas station near my school has wonderful biscuits with sausage, bacon, pork chops, hot links, you name it.

                        1. The gas station near my parents in suburban cali has fresh donuts from the awesome local shop. Gas station is 30min closer than donut shop. Win.

                          1. Any Wisconsin area peeps know about the gas station just north of Green Bay at "Chicken Shack Road?" It's next to an A&W Root Beer restaurant. They do brasted chicken in the gas station, it might be "Chester's" brand, not sure. Anyway, THE WINGS!! Oh Lord, the wings. Anyrime I drive through that area (which is probably about 6 times per year,) I clean them out of the wings. They aren't hot wings or anything, just plain old fried wings. I can eat those non-stop. For some reason, the wings they do aren't overloaded with salt like the other bird parts. Also, in my neck of the woods, our Speedway gas stations have unbelievably good apple fritters. I'm sure it's just some bakery that delivers them every day, but they are too good to pass up.

                            1. There is a pretty good Middle Eastern takeout called MR Kabob inside a gas station in Berkley Michigan.

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                                +1 to Mr Kabob. A great fast place to get your ME fix. Also fresh squeezed juices.

                              2. Bereket Turkish Restaurant started in a gas station building on Main Street in Bridgeport, CT. The original owners had better food than the current owners at that location. They have since opend an additional loccation.

                                1. Chicken gizzards at the Shell Station-I-5 exit 19 in normally health conscious Ashland, Oregon.
                                  A rare treat 'round these parts.

                                  1. I can't remember the actual name of the lemon (and sometimes orange or lime)-flavored slushies sold by Chevron, but I sure do love them, and I go there in the Summer to get them. And of course, I'll invariably remember the correct name at 2 a.m. and sit up and whack my head on the headboard. :)

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                                      Which is exactly what happened. "Parrot-ice." haha. For "paradise," get it? The lemon one, yeah. That's it. Thanks, because now I can stop stressing over the BIG things I can't remember, like: just what DID I have for breakfast this morning? :)

                                    2. We got Wawa in Florida right around this time last year, and they make very good subs. We don't have many Italian delis making great NY/NJ/Philly-style hoagies in the Orlando area, but an Italian hoagie from Wawa blows Subway away, and it's much cheaper than Jersey Mike's for similar quality (on better bread).

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                                        I've never been to Jersey Mike's but Wawa is a hoagie champ!

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                                          Where in Florida is this "Wawas" that everyone is raving about? I love sandwiches and have never heard of Wawas. Our Chevron does have excellent spicy boiled peanuts in a crock pot that looks like it hasn't been cleaned since 1970. There's a Shell station that sells fried chicken. The gizzards are dirt cheap (.79/lb) according to the sign, but they are always sold out. Thankfully, I've never had the urge to eat a chicken gizzard, but oh, how the other customers complain when they are sold out. Which is always, as far as I can tell.

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                                            Wawa convenience store/gas stations have opened all over the Orlando area, and I believe they've expanded west to Tampa as well.

                                        2. In general, I think the Sheetz MTO stuff is better than any fast food offerings. At my local Sheetz, it is so crazy busy that the ingredients are fresh because of the constant turnover.

                                          There is a Sunoco station I stop at occasionally that has fried chicken that looks and smells good.

                                          1. In Indiana we have a place called Flying J, which is a full service truck stop with clean toilets, showers, bunk beds and the cheapest gas around. The fried chicken on the buffet line is not exactly great, but I can't seem to get out of there without picking up a pack of buffalo chicken fingers, heat lamp pizza or a greasy cellophane-wrapped burger. Not good food but it just seems appropriate for some reason.

                                            1. In my experience, when a gas station serves food, it is usually just a different way of "getting gas."

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                                                Speaking of 'Sarah' being there:
                                                Wife and I were driving through N. Ontario and came on a gas station with a small ma and pa restaurant attached. The parking lot must have had fifty pickups parked in front.
                                                "This place must have some pretty great food. Lets have a late breakfast" I offered.
                                                The place was packed! Every table was full and every chair taken!
                                                These men from the pickups were unusually subdued.
                                                Then out from the kitchen came a young woman about seventeen. Thin but not skinny. About 5' 5" tall. A short but not too short light pink almost see-through skirt. I could tell because I could see her underwear through it. She must have been wearing 'hand-me-downs' because the underwear looked too small. And a pink matching blouse. Oh the blouse! The blouse was also barely see-through. I could tell because she wasn't wearing anything underneath. You could see 'what God gave her' in clear detail in the bosom department. She was 'white-blond' with big blue eyes and perfect teeth and a truly lovely completely innocent smile/demeanor. Her legs were exquisite! She glided among the tables with ease carrying plates of the breakfast specials. Her perfume was simply her own combined with plain soap.
                                                The men sat in awe with their mouths moving up and down but no words uttered.
                                                One young man's face turned a bright crimson red when she brushed past him.
                                                I'm sure the food was tasty but no one was busy eating it..
                                                Seeing' how there was nowhere for us to sit my wife wisely told me she thought we'd better leave.
                                                PS. The last time we drove that road I watched for that gas station for a hundred miles but I missed it. Or it could have been we missed it when my wife was driving.

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                                                  Quite an interesting post, but I can't understand why you posted it as a response to mine. Was this a mistake, Puffin3?

                                                  1. re: Tripeler

                                                    I was responding solely to the text in the thread title. LOL I 'C&Ped' it to 'Penthouse Letters'. (Not really).

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                                                      I did love the description of the young waitress, though, so glad you posted it!

                                              2. The SuperAmerica storeszin the Twin Cities sell 2 chili dogs with cheese and onions for $2. I would rather eat one of these rather than the Chicago chili dog next door for more than 3 times the price..

                                                1. My hometown gas station is packed at lunchtime and after school. They too have the pizza carousel. They also do fried chicken and tater logs. Not some special little old southern lady's recipe. We only have 4 "restaurants" if you'd even call them that. I guess people tried it out of necessity but now love it.

                                                  1. In the Milwaukee area, there is a chain called Kwik Trip that has good offerings. Their angus cheeseburger is a slice of heaven. I'm also partial to the beef macaroni soup (more like American-style goulash) and the chicken tender/potato wedge combo. Once while I was caught up in the lunch rush, a complete stranger turned to me and said "these guys are the best ... so much better than Burger King!". Well, there's a recommendation out of the blue.

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                                                      Kwik Trip is all over Wisconsin. I recently discovered their ice cream (Nature's Touch) which is from their own dairy. EXCELLENT. Their cookies are good too. The employees are super friendly and the stores are always very clean.

                                                      1. re: shaja

                                                        I too am a fan of Kwik Trip. I was a bit fascinated a couple of years ago when they were promoting their .38 cent onions, potatoes, and bananas with buttons on their mostly female employees promoting .38ยข on their chests.

                                                        Kwik Trip is building a location about 1/2 mile from our house. I am looking forward to the opening. They send out great coupons each week in the mail.

                                                        1. re: John E.

                                                          Gee, with a name like Kwik Trip, I immediately think of some new variety of fast-acting LSD capsules...still stuck in the sixties, I guess...

                                                      2. I will happily eat anything from the hot box at AM/PM. Taquitos, cheeseburgers, burritos, you name it. They are deliciously gross. And I am only admitting this because my real name is not attached to this.

                                                        1. Hey, I just remembered this!! Years ago, worked a weekend job that I truly despised. My ritual, on the way there, was to stop at a Shell station for nachos. Yes, gas station nachos, and they had to be from Shell. I don't know why that is, because they were the usual semi-cardboardy chips w/ Tide-box orange cheese sauce (I use the term lightly) and tons and tons of pickled jalapenos. There was a Mexican place right next door where I could've gotten the real deal, but for some reason those Shell station nachos reeled me in ever' last time, and I always made it a point to stop there before I went to the Evil Workplace.

                                                          1. Royal Farms fried chicken. Every time we're in Delaware, that's our go-to lunch. With their cole slaw. Yum.

                                                            1. Not a very 'houndy reply, but any time I can find those twin sets of precooked hard boiled eggs, I'm a happy road tripper.

                                                              Now, if I could just kill my addiction to cappuccino-machine beverages....

                                                              1. You guys got it way better than me. I never see any "real food" worth seeking out in the stations around me. I do have one place, however, that I'll stop at most of the time and go inside while the gas is being pumped (Jersey, after all). They make a solid cup of coffee at a reasonable price (16oz for $1.45) and sell Wild Bill's Beef Jerky.

                                                                1. Casey's in the Midwest has good cake doughnuts. Fresh and a bit crispy on the outside. A lot of them fry them on premise. I also like their brewed iced tea. Pizza isn't bad either.

                                                                  1. Dashboard dining at its most simplistic!