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Nov 30, 2013 01:48 PM

Gas Station food offerings

Not talking about a chicken & waffle, hidden gem inside a gas station. Or, a TexMex "authentic" southwest kitchen sharing space with a fuel purveyor.

Asking 'hounds if they seek out a specific gas station to purchase a hot snack or lunch from the prepared products increasing being offered by gas station/food marts.

I declair myself addicted by the Bacon Cheeseburger on sale at Speedway, just two miles from my home. $2.39 for one, or else 2 for $4.
This Speedway also has a roller heater always filled with hot dogs and other cylindrical foods; a pizza carousel with four trays always filled; and a cooling unit with about 10 different sub sandwiches any patron can nuke in an on-site microwave.

I stopped in today to get a Bacon Cheeseburger. I was tasty. It had far more eye appeal than any similar sandwich from Wendys. I'm hooked.

How about you? Grab a treat on the way to the registers to pay for your gas?

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  1. The spatchcocked chicken stuffed with crawfish etouffee at Buc-ee's in Madisonville, TX, is worth any amount of gas you pay for for wherever you are goin'.

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      1. re: Veggo

        Not fair, Buccee's is not just a gas station. You can buy $400 Yeti coolers there.

      2. I know a few people that really like the food at both Sheetz and Wawa, but I just can't get over the fact that it's food made in a gas station to try any of it. It's a total mental
        thing, I realize. I feel the same way about restaurants connected to gas stations, even though I hear a lot of them can be really good.

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        1. re: SaraAshley

          Woody's smoked peppered pork tenderloin was conceived at a gas station in Centerville, TX, but it has since grown into its own building - without gas!
          It's a great treat.

          1. re: Veggo

            If the building isn't connected to a gas station, then I'm in.

          2. re: SaraAshley

            When I was a truck driver Sheetz and Wawa with truck parking were a welcome sight.

            1. re: PotatoHouse

              Especially if Sara was there...:)

            2. re: SaraAshley

              I had a breakfast burrito at Sheetz in Gettysburg a few years back. Liked it enough to go back the next day.
              While it aint great, it's certainly quite serviceable. It's made fresh to order.


              1. re: SaraAshley

                In the Philadelphia area, Wawa was a convenience store before it was a gas station. So those that like Wawa hoagies are going to a place that has been making sandwiches long before Wawa started having pumps.

                Sheetz on the other hand I have heard that people really like their food/coffee etc. Personally i am underwhelmed.

                1. re: SaraAshley

                  I live in a pretty urban area of Queens, NY where gas stations are pretty much for gas. However, we were on a trip earlier this Fall in Lancaster, PA and there was a Sheetz gas station on the corner by our hotel. I initially stopped in to buy a few beverages and snacks to stock our room and was quickly intrigued by the sheer size of this place! Sure enough, a few days in, a pang arose in me that required food late at night. I was stalking the aisles looking for something to microwave back in our room, when the cashier asked me if I needed help finding anything. When I explained what it was I was seeking, she pointed me toward the MTO counter, with a smile, and I was doubtful...but surprised in the end. As a 38 year old mother, it felt a little awkward standing around with a bunch of stoner kids (I was one of them too once, though), but I liked that I was standing around - i.e. I had to wait for my stuff to be prepared. I think I had some popcorn chicken, and I ordered two or three other things - I don't remember what they were,but they were pretty good and it was all "made to order". The popcorn chicken barely made it all the way back to my room. The other stuff was pretty good too. Funny thing is, I am not a big fan of fast food, and can't bear to touch the stuff they "cook" at 7-11 a few blocks away from my house, but I would totally take a Sheetz around the corner from my home.

                2. Wawa - Italian Hoagie

                  Royal Farms - fried chicken, it's not a separate store inside it's sold by the gas station, best takeout chicken next to Popeye's

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                  1. There's a Shell (I think) station on Rt. 1 in Charlestown, Rhode Island that has a great deli counter. Fresh Italian grinders, yum. They also serve Del's frozen lemonade. What more could you ask for?

                    1. Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City is great BBQ and a gas station.

                      I also had great tacos at a gas station north east of Santa Cruz. I can't remember what it was called, but I found it on chow hound.

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                      1. re: relizabeth

                        The line to get into OK Joes is amazing. I went there Labor Day weekend at opening time and there were already 50 people queued up for the 'cue. Great food, and the take out side of things has a great selection bbq sauces, rubs and so forth that you can get without waiting in the line.