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Nov 30, 2013 10:21 AM

Marla baker (mission, SF)

Anyone been? Items in the window looked great.

We picked up some quince sufganiyot and Meyer lemon sufganiyot for Hanukah. The dough had good structure, wasn't overly sweet, and the nicely browned outsides weren't oily. The fillings were concentrated and delicious, but there wasn't much of them--- in the dozen ones we got, the pocket of filling penetrated about 1/3 the way in on average.

Marla Bakery Kitchen Communal
613 York Street, SF

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  1. I haven't been to the bakery but have sampled several of their savoury pastries, some penultimate trip at Wrecking Ball when it was briefly at Firehouse 8, and some this November at Saint Frank. Really excellent quality, and I thank you for the intel on where their retail shop is.

    1. I stopped by this morning intending to get a hot cross bun, as promoted in this SFGate piece,

      Turns out that the hot cross buns are available by special order, not sold at the window. BUT, they will bake some today and have a few at today's Mission Community Farmers Market, 22nd & Bartlett, 4-8pm.

      I did not walk away empty handed. For my breakfast, a farmers cheese and green onion turnover, $4. The golden, short pastry for this square is wondrous. I think it might have some cheese worked into the dough, as it has such full flavor, crumbly texture and deeper dairy notes than butter alone would contribute. For those who prefer savory over sweet to start the day, this would be the ticket.

      And a hazelnut macaron for later.

      1. I have had their salt bagel. Pretty good, but not comparable to a good New York bagel. A lot of the other baked goods looked great so I will definitely be back to try them.

        1. I work just a few minutes walk away, and have been been trying various pastries and bread on their menu. All very good, but their donuts are DELICIOUS.

          I left half of the chocolate glazed donut on my desk morning when I had to go to a meeting, and co-workers were drooling over it.

          1. Apparently they're getting ready to move to the Richmond and expand into a full restaurant. I'm not sure of the moving date but they had a farewell dinner for the old space last weekend.

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              I knew they had the kickstarter to build the garden at the new location, but I hope they don't close the York Street location. I need those donuts...

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  We went to the new location for lunch yesterday. We are celebrating the 95th BD of our dear friend. I made a reservation and good thing, because it was crowded and small. The reception and service could not have been friendlier and more efficient. The lunch menu is limited but the dishes we had were wonderful. My hubby and the birthday girl had the faro risotto with peas and I had a yummy chicken sandwich with sesame seed aoili and kimchi with pickled zucchini and mushroom. It was served on a great soft roll. We had a homemade apricot and vanilla shrub to drink. There are homemade sorbets and ice creams and a parfait of semolina olive oil cake with strawberries and lemon verbena ice cream for dessert. You can also choose from all the cookies and pastries in the case. We did not try any bread, but there is a great variety. They are going to be open for dinner this Saturday and Thurs-Sunday thereafter.There are special farm suppers on Sunday. There is a lovely deck and garden outside, but the deck is not in use as yet. We drove all the way from Berkeley to take our friend here (she lives in Sunset) and it was wonderful all around.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    I haven't been there yet, but since the actual Richmond location isn't mentioned in this thread (nor in the Eater link), it's on Balboa btw 37th and 38th.

                    1. re: davidg1

                      dropped by a few weeks ago, space looked small. remodeling not evident. pastries just in one cabinet on the left that looked like photo hyperbowler uploaded.

                      grabbed a cup of wrecking ball coffee (12oz, 3)
                      -robust, semismooth, better than average brew.