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Nov 30, 2013 05:49 AM

Potatoes -- sprouting and just slightly soft

I want to use these potatoes in a soup. They have just started to sprout and are not quite as hard as they were a few weeks ago when a bought them. Are they still okay to eat? Will they be okay in a soup? Thank you!

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  1. in soup they'll be fine, but the rubbery texture will usually hide well in soup.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Thank you sunshine842! Of course, that's the answer I was hoping for.

    2. They'll be fine but spuds are so cheap, I wouldnt bother keeping them.

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      1. re: Harters

        I wouldn't consider tossing them, as I don't throw out salvageable food. When my potatoes get bumpy and "tender" ;-), I cut out the "warts", peel, steam, and make home fries. But I assume they are fine for soup.

        1. re: greygarious

          I understand that viewpoint, greygarious. It's just not one I susbcribe to as I'm not really interested in eating food that has past its prime.

        2. re: Harters

          The cost is not so much the issue as the inconvenience. I have everything else I need for this soup. I just don't want to make the trip to the store for a few potatoes if they are fine. I'm going to try it. If we live, I'll post back. If you don't hear from me....

          Thank you everyone!

          1. re: lafarrell

            potatoes don't hold well in soup to begin with, so hopefully this soup is just for today. :)

            also no reason you can't simply omit them or sub another starch.

        3. They are okay to eat and will be fine in your soup. Isn't that what many soups are about -- using up slightly aged or imperfect ingredients?
          Just be sure to cut out any green portions.
          BTW, soft uncooked potatoes can be crisped up by leaving them in cold water in the fridge for an hour or so. Not necessary for soup, but good to know for the future.

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          1. re: almond tree

            ITA! The whole point of soup is to use up less than perfect ingredients. At my house, anyway.

          2. Funny you describe these potatoes and wonder whether or not to use them. I have a friend who lets potatoes get to this stage BEFORE he does anything with them. He LOVES potatoes like this. Takes all kinds!

            1. Hello all. I just wanted to report back that the potatoes were fine and no one felt any the worse. Thank you so much for all the advice.

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              1. re: lafarrell

                just remember, potatoes, and most other root vegetables, were overwintered without refrigeration in cellars for countless decades. by spring, nothing was pristine anymore. :)

                there is common sense food safety and senseless waste of usable food.