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Nov 29, 2013 08:20 PM

What is the benefit of a family dinner?

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  1. Not sure the goal in our house was ever directly aimed at preventing drug abuse.

    1. If you have a severely dysfunctional family (as I had as a teenager ), having dinner together won't curb drug use.

      If the family has dinner together nightly, and really enjoys their time together, as my sons did as teenagers, dinner isn't what keeps them from using drugs.

      That said, having a good time cooking and eating dinner together is a great way for families to interact and feel free to get to know one another.

      1. Family dinners just wouldn't be the same without drugs.

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        1. Other than some truly unusual dinners (meaning unexpected) that included the hookah experience, I can't find a single sentence worth acknowledging in that article. Wrong framing of the family meal in my opinion.

          1. In my youth I lived next door to a lawyer's daughter that was a hopeless junkie. She came over and complained one Thanksgiving that she had laryngitis and she thought her parents would think she was fucked up (her words)- meanwhile, she was. God deliver me from drug addicts, seen too many of them try to maintain during the holidays and not fooling anybody.