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Nov 29, 2013 07:10 PM

Should i eat this avocado?!? See pics...

Note: The seed is rotted - black, mushy & soft. On the fruit, looks to be like tiny specs of MOLD (not sure) which is my concern. I thought the rule of thumb with mold is if the food is soft, throw it out bec of the microscopic threads of mold running through the food that u cant see. Now, plz dont tell me i've answered my own question! -- I'm looking for an excuse to eat this, like, maybe bec there's such a tiny amount from around the seed that may not even be mold lol! Ok, thanks all! (Yes, i couldve went to the store n bought one by now!)

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  1. Hmm, not sure I'd eat that but don't think it'd kill you. Most of it just looks oxidized, but the black, mushy, soft pit is somewhat unsettling and if you're seeing mold toss it. I don't think it matters if it's spreading through the fruit. I'm pretty lax with this kind of stuff but there are a lot of signs that that's just a bad avocado, not even sure it'd taste good and you'll probably end up wanting to go get another anyway.

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      Well, what i thought were mold specs i realized was black pepper that was on the knife when i cut it lol! It tasted fine so i went with my gut & ate it & all seems well. I very much appreciate your response, thank you:)

    2. I would take a teaspoon and take out a little flesh where the seed was and discard that only. I eat a lot of avocadoes and this one looks good to me.

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        I took your advice, it's been a few+ hours, & all is well - thank you!!