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Nov 29, 2013 06:29 PM

Local Bread Substitution for Pepperidge Farm Classic White

A recipe I'm planning on using for Apple Charlottes suggest using the Pepperidge Farm bread to line the ramekins. Any suggestions on substitutions using Acme, Semifreddi or another local bakery? What specific loaves would you suggest? -Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Chestnut St. bakery in SF makes a nice densely textured white bread that is reminiscent of P. Farm and also a thing we had in Mass. 50 years ago called "Monk's Bread" made by Trappists and similar to "English Muffin " bread. Makes lovely toast.

    1. Try Acme Pain de mie.

      1. Hopkins Bakery's (Berkeley) Pain au Lait.

        1. Le Marais on Chestnut makes a long squarish white bread that would work perfectly. It's somewhere between a potato bread and brioche/challah in consistency, but it is attempting to be an old fashioned white bread. This is the one I would get.

          The Mill also makes an old fashioned White Bread loaf.

          Boulangerie has a brioche bread that could work.

          Mission Local Market has a white bread. It's a lighter spongier bread, but that could work nicely.