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Nov 29, 2013 06:09 PM

Near Towaco--need to arrnage a meal sent for a dear firend

A dear business colleague has had major surgery (and a young family!) I want to send her something other that a fruit basket-would really like a good warm meal sent to her--we have business like Delivery Now near me (in Scotch Plains) but I can find anything like that in Towaco. Can any one help????

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  1. It looks like freshdirect delivers there. Their prepared meals are very good, just hea and eat, and they also have flowers and wine. (I am a huge fan of their blondies)

    1. Kings Super Market delivers platters and other prepared foods; I'm pretty sure they have a store in Montville, which is up that way.

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        The closest Kings to Towaco would be the store located in Boonton (right on the Mt. Lakes border) There is no location in Montville. I am not sure they do delivery on small orders, though they will for larger catering orders.

      2. have you checked one of the local delis or restaurants? HomeTown Market in Pompton Plains has some hot entrees in the evening [or did last time I checked] and would deliver. i also suspect that A&A deli in Lincoln Park would do this if you asked them.

        I know that Poor Henry's does takeout - they might deliver for a charge. Also, some of the smaller ethnic restaurants in Boonton deliver.

        There are also some national vendors, like this one - have no idea what the food tastes like, but the pictures are sure pretty!

        I guess you're not looking for standard Italian or Chinese takeout/delivery?

        Hope your colleague has a speedy, comfortable, uneventful recovery!