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Nov 29, 2013 05:20 PM

Petak's Fair Lawn NJ

I went to Petak's today wanting to purchase a half pound of lean corned beef. I specifically asked for very lean corned beef and was told that is what they had. I was not prudent enough to inspect what the man without the yarmulke was slicing and much to my disgust, the corned beef was fatty, grey and very unappetizing at $24 a pound and inedible by my standards. Having grown up in Fair Lawn, and knowing Larry and Herbie Petak, had they seen this product they would take their name off the store.

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  1. Having grown up there too and family knew them that does sound surprising. But, I must tell you that I am in town about twice a year and it seems like they are always doing something with the place. I am pretty sure they don't do their meats in house

    1. 5 minutes away is Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock. While not outstanding, it is a notch up from whomever is running Petak's now.

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        Yes, Kosher Nosh is definitely better and I really love their brisket and Israeli pot roast.

        Do you know of any other good kosher deli, and by good mean better than Kosher Nosh, in New Jersey?

      2. Of course, you brought that excuse for corned beef back.

        1. I started a thread on Petak's a while back discussing their dip in quality recently. They were great for decades, but all of a sudden during the past year or so, the prices have gone up a lot and the quality has gone down a lot. Disappointing to see a local landmark ruined. The Kosher Nosh ain't cheap, but at least the food is the same quality that it's always been.

          1. Even in NYC, most of the Kosher-style delis have gone. There is still Katz's, and Pastrami Queen on the UES is tip top as well. In NJ? slim pickings. There are a couple of delis on Cedar Lane in Teaneck, but I've heard that they are not particularly notable, and not worth a trip.