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Nov 29, 2013 04:36 PM

Financier Pastry Shop

Just to say that while Financier might be a nice place to have a coffee, I have just been burned for the second time by buying an inedible stale cake there for a holiday. The first time it was a large sacher torte purchased at the Gold Street location. This time it was a small flourless chocolate cake purchased on Fulton. I don't usually purchase cakes except to bring to someone's house so I don't know if the problem is that they make a large quantity for the holidays some time before they are sold. No one finished the piece they took and and no one wanted the leftover cake. I am not going to complain again to them as last time they pretty much said "tough".
I will just say to myself "fool me twice blame on me" and not buy another cake there.

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  1. I've had stale macarons from them, perhaps just a general turnover issue?

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      Have also thought the macaroons stale

    2. Agreed. Went once to the shop in Grand Central and never again.

      1. I too have had stale or bad tasting pastries at several downtown locations. Their coffee is made by Stonestreet Roasters in Brooklyn and is good.

        1. I have never been disappointed with the pastries at Eric Kayser!! Better croissants than Financier too.

          1. Financier is awful, they haven't been even ok since they expanded past the first shop.