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Nov 29, 2013 04:03 PM

Top two hand pulled noodle places?

I have been reading web pages for two hours and my list is narrowed down to:
Sheng Wang, 27 Eldridge St.
Super Taste, 26 Eldridge St.
Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles, 1 Doyers St.
Xian Famous Food, multiple locations.

Looking for recent reviews?

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  1. It's been a couple of years since I was down on Eldridge St. for noodles, but of the two, I'd put Super Taste as the better one.

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    1. re: foodmonk

      I like Super Taste, but I also like Lan Zhou, at 144 E. Broadway.

      Beware at either of these places, you're going for the noodles, not the, ummmm, atmosphere.

      Xian - meh.

    2. For noodles specific...Xian is the most overblown place i have ever went to and was severely disappointed. to me, they were like paste more akin to something like you would get in American Southern cooking in the form of dumplings. With that said, the broth and lamb were very good though.

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      1. re: fourunder

        did you take the noodles to go or wait some time to eat them? i've never found Xi'an's noodles to be anything less than springy and chewy, nothing like what you describe.

        1. re: coasts

          I had them in Flushing....right away, not take-out.

          1. re: fourunder

            you should give it a try again (unless you have).

            1. re: villainx

              I never really write off a place...I'll just order something different...

      2. Those hand pulled noodles aren't all the same.

        - Super Taste should be solidly good. Use to be my go to place.
        - Lan Zhou is also solidly good. Which became my 1b go to place for a while depending on which place was closer.
        - Sheng Wang is good, but you would want to get the knife cut noodles, since they are one of the few places that do it (and they do a decent version). Then this became my go to place, since I prefer the knife cut better (and often get it sautéed)
        - Xian is broader noodles, more like the knife cut. I use to always go to the Flushing location, until I decided to get the lamb noodles instead on the first floor. I find the execution of the sauce and broth not quite right in the Manhattan locations however.
        - Tasty Hand Pulled, never been, but the internet says it's good (probably like Super Taste and Lan Zhou).

        1. Lan Zhou (or is it Lam Zhou?) at 144 E. Broadway - for classic hole-in-the-wall noodles n' broth.

          Xi'an Famous - because they serve a different style than the rest. The spicy lamb or Mt Qi Pork noodles are both great.

          1. Food Sing 88 is my favorite. I've been to Super Taste & Lan Zhou & X'ian. I usually love the liang pi cold skin noodles at X'ian, but I've had a couple of sub-par experiences (noodles too squishy, sauce not spicy enough).

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            1. re: small h

              Spicy Village aka Henan has good Lan mian.

              1. re: swannee

                Yes! I've had the Seafood Hui Mei there and come to think of it, that might actually be my favorite.