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Nov 29, 2013 03:33 PM

Hunan Manor--ordering help

Going to Hunan Manor tomorrow with a pescetarian and a vegetarian, among others. I've usually ordered the meat-based dishes there, and would like our guests to be happy. Suggestions on best fish/seafood dishes and tastiest vegetarian choices? My experience with their menu is that some things are really good, and some fairly average, so would appreciate suggestions for real stand-out dishes.

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  1. Note that it's often risky taking a vegetarian to a Chinese restaurant. For example, Hunan Manor makes nifty onion pancakes, which would seemingly be fine for a vegetarian. But is that rich tasting onion pancake made with vegetable oil or animal fat? Dunno.

    1. Steamed fish head with sliced chilis is the classic fish dish in Hunan cooking, (they make a version that is not the head as well), and there is a sour string bean dish prepared without the ground pork, with yam cakes I think.

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        Thanks. My vegetarian is going to close her eyes to what goes on in the kitchen, as long as there's no obvious meat in the dish. I'm hoping they can make the string beans semi-vegetarian, as it's really a good dish. Any other fish or shellfish dishes to recommend?

      2. They do a tremendous eggplant dish

        1. Too bad. The Hunanese do a great cold pork slices with garlic, lamb ribs with cumin and chili, and flavor almost everything with their version of bacon.