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Nov 29, 2013 03:15 PM

Fundamental LA

Finally had a chance to get there. I actually work nearby, but I've never had the time to go in for lunch.

Glad I read the threads so that I didn't get sticker shock. $18 for brisket sandwich, side salad ($1), Arnold Palmer. I was hoping that the quality would justify the price.... And it did! The brisket seemed a lot like pastrami to me, but no matter. Wonderful flavor, great ingredients, even the side salad seemed relatively thoughtfully constructed. Arnold Palmer was too tart (and I like tart lemonade). Really delicious.

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  1. Really good sourdough bread too...Glad you enjoyed it.

      1. re: J.L.

        The brisket was on the sourdough. =) Didn't understand how the person at the table next to me could've left any bread uneaten!!!

        And it's indeed a hole-in-the-wall. Had I not heard about it here, I doubt I would've been able to find it.

        Will be trying their dinner one of these days. They also apparently have a Happy Hr menu from 5-7PM on some days....

        1. re: ilysla

          dinner at FLA is very different, quite good, and a bargain

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Ciao bob is correct at dinner tasting menu (3 savory + dessert) $35 wine pairing (three 2 oz. pours) $15

      2. The website menu lists the brisket sandwich on sourdough at $13, not $18. Still not inexpensive, especially for lunch, but not ridiculous as $18 would be.

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        1. re: nosh

          $13 for the sandwich.

          + $1 for the side salad

          + $3 for the Arnold Palmer

          + tax


          $18 + change (I think it was actually closer to $19)

        2. Made it for dinner tonight. While I liked it overall, I think I like the lunch better and I don't think I'd do the tasting menu again.

          The restaurant requires the entire table to do the tasting menu.

          Partner had the brussel sprouts (delicious! tasted almost like french fries), beets and burrata (quite tasty but could've used more of the burrata, which was lovely), and the bolognese (my partner makes a better bolognese, but this was still good, and it was relatively light. Pasta was a little too "wimpy" to hold up to the sauce, though), gingersnaps panna cotta (the panna cotta itself was good but the crushed ginger snaps overwhelmed the panna cotta) .

          I had the fish dip (which was VERY strong in the fish flavor), japanese squid (the squid itself was nicely cooked and tender but the bean puree was kind of boring and the olives didn't punch up the flavor in a compatible way, IMHO; this was actually a pretty disappointing dish), and the burger (rare ended being a half step above raw in the middle.... which was actually fine for me. very tender, well balanced flavors, good sliced pickles). Churros were good, but I think I would've preferred a fruit or chocolate sauce (but the salted caramel was pleasant enough).

          Partner had the pinot blanc, which was quite nice.

          A good amount of food and thus a decent value. I think my partner and I would've been satiated w/ 60% of the amount we had tonight, though.

          The dishes came out a varying times and in a random order (brussel sprouts and salad came out together, then my burger, then his bolognese, then the squid, then our desserts). This was actually quite odd.... It was acceptable tonight b/c my partner and I were sharing everything, but someone expecting the dishes to come out in the order listed on the menu and at the same time would've been disappointed (and it would've been awkward for a date, I imagine).

          And, unrelated to the food or the service, we had a tremendously obnoxious and noisy table next to us. Argh.

          1. I just hosted an 18 person holiday party there, and it was outstanding. Accommodating service, natural, friendly pacing, and every bite was delicious. I think their small kitchen and reliance on sous vide methods makes them uniquely well suited to serve a lot of people a lot of variety very quickly. Some of the protein dishes (family style) looked a little small, but across 7 courses everyone got fed, and very little went to waste. Fundamental is a gem, a great value, and a lot of fun.

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            1. re: techbod

              Can you share a few more details about this event? Price per person, menu, location in the restaurant, other guests in the restaurant,etc.