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Nov 29, 2013 03:09 PM

Ramen by Omae - Sherman Oaks

This took over the previous Koraku Ramen in the strip mall with El Torito, just east of Van Nuys Blvd.

They've brightened and modernized the decor to great effect. We had their gyoza, their original tonkotsu ramen and the burnt Kogashi miso ramen.

Everything was excellent. The gyoza are stuffed chicken wings that are perfectly crisp. Their ramens are cooked 40 hours and have a great intensity of flavor. In fact, the Kogashi was soooo rich I think I might prefer the orginal.

The SFV has been ramen-blessed in the last few years and I've been fortunate to have tried them all. I'd say this is the current leader of the pack.

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  1. "Their ramens are cooked 40 hours..."

    You mean the soups are simmered for 40 hours, right?

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    1. I went here over the weekend. I got the original w/ extra egg. I thought that the broth was the one weak point of the entire bowl. The egg though was pretty great, one of the best to date but I cannot say it was THE best. The broth did have a bit of a toasty flavor which was nice and the chashu had a nice flavor, hints of sweetness. Overall I would say it was a good option, but my favorite still being Men Oh.

      1. Tried this for dinner with my brother & SIL. We had an order of the wok edamame with garlic & soy. It was good but could have had a little more seasoning. All of us got the the pork Kogashi with different toppings. I got the works: cabbage, onions, extra pork, mustard greens, soft boiled egg, mushrooms, garlic and seaweed. It cost $14.95.

        This was incredible. The ramen was rich and tasty. The soft boiled egg was perfect, not runny but not overlooked. I had the thick white noodles which were perfectly chewy. Overall, a great bowl of ramen.