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Nov 29, 2013 02:59 PM

Fukada before Cirque du Soleil?

I know I'm only leaving 2 hours for responses but I could not find any recent threads regarding Fukada. Live in Pasadena, going to an 8pm show at the OC Great Park. Any reason we shouldn't try to have dinner there at 6pm? I like the menu--From the fact that the chicken in free range, to tempura by the piece, great noodle options, to full traditional combo dinners--along with sashimi options. It would satisfy the needs of one who is on a low carb diet, and the rest of us! Any other suggestions?

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  1. uhm I wouldn't risk it unless you can make it before opening.. People wait outside Fukada before it opens to avoid a long wait later in the evening.

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    1. re: jaykayen

      We'll try to get there before 6pm so I think I'll take my chances. Thank you!

      1. re: Fru

        Ah, shame I didn't see this. It's one of my go to places.

        The nabeyaki udon is good. I like the cold sansai soba combo with the oyakodon.

        Fried squid legs and oysters are good. Lot of people like the spicy tuna bowl.

        I-naba is a step above but this is probably best in OC and priced very well.

        What did you end up getting?

      2. re: jaykayen

        We got there at a little before 6. Only waited about 15 minutes and got out in plenty of time. So many of my favorite things on the menu. Would have loved to try the udon but since we were going to a 2 1/2 hour show, well, you know...Tempura was just the way it should be--crisp and hot, loved the vegetable assortment. Can't tell you how many places I've been to that just can't do it right. Loved the agedashi tofu, and the fact that it was several small pieces rather than a couple of large hunks. I have never had miso soup with more than just onion and seaweed. Theirs has lots of chopped veggies. Didn't try it but my hubby had the salmon skin salad, looked delicious. I had trouble finishing my salmon/tempura combination. Love the fact that you have the option of brown rice. Son had pork cutlet. Huge! Again, I was too full to try but by the way he pounded it, it must have been good. The spicy tuna roll was good too. I liked how it was more solid than minced and it had a nice kick. Wish we could have tried more. Very happy to find Fukada. Must go back but gotta have a reason, as without traffic, it was an hour drive.

        1. re: Fru

          You don't have to drive down here. I-naba is closer and I like their soba and tempura even more. You have to try the anago tempura if you go.

          1. re: Porthos

            Ahh...Thank you Porthos, the menu looks awesome. It might be a little while before I can get there but I look forward to trying it and reporting back!

      3. Torinan seiro soba with dipping sauce. So far the only thing I would not recommend after about 2 dozen visits. Just plain soy sauce in bland water/broth.

        Nabeyaki udon good as always.