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Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at Splendido in Beaver Creek

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We usually cook on Thanksgiving, but decided to go out for dinner this year. I'm glad we did. Splendido in Beaver Creek presented a great meal. The menu was set, with only one choice, that being a choice of soups. They claimed that the featured dishes were the staff's mom's and grandma's traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

After ordering wine, we were served Spiced Olives with an assortment of breads, including a delicious Lahvosh, Edna's Old Fashioned Cheese Straws and Grandma's Rosemary and Black Pepper Popovers. The popovers were absolutely delicious, light and crispy.

Small portions of four appetizers were then served to each of us. These were Cheddar Cheese Fritters, Smoked Trout and Onion Tart, Q's Candied Pork Belly with Apple Caramel and Uncle Alvin's Turkey Liver Pate.

Next came the soup, with a choice of Kathleen's Parsnip-Apple Soup or Reuben Soup with Swiss Cheese Rye Croutons. Both were delicious.

A lovely and delicious salad followed. Described as a Chopped Harvest Salad, it contained persimmon, kale, wild rice, pumpkin seeds, frisee, cucumbers and apple cider dressing, all served on two crisp leaves of butter lettuce.

The main course was Roasted Fresh Colorado Natural Turkey with old fashioned giblet gravy and Bab's Sage Stuffing. The turkey was flavorful and plentiful. Alternative main courses for those who did not want turkey were Grilled Scottish Salmon Fillet or Angus Beef Striploin.

Accompaniments included Creamed Corn Casserole, Honey Glazed Baby Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Crisp Brussels Sprouts and Chick Peas, Fresh Cape Cod Cranberry-Orange Relish and Sweet Potato Puree with Candied Ginger and Coconut.

Finally we got to the desserts, which were small portions of Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake, Chef's Mom's Chiffon Pumkin Pie with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Ganache and Hazelnut Bar, Nutmeg Ice Cream, Pear and Honey Sorbet, Cranberry & Ginger Jellies and Pecan Bars. Completely over the top!

We were beyond sated. The meal was wonderful. The service was as good as we have experienced anywhere. Upon further deliberation, it is probable that we will do it again next year.

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  1. Great report!
    Trying to get out there soon and shred the mountain.

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      Grouse Mountain there is one tough bird!

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        The owners of Cyrano's...so beloved in Vail, back in the days, own Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek..fantastic!

        Odelay mi amor. .
        916 warriors