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Nov 29, 2013 01:50 PM

Niko Niko Brings Hotpot Type Choices To Noodle Soup

Thanks to JThur01 for the heads up on Niko Niko Tea Bar and Noodle House replacing Haige Star Boulevard (not to mention at least 7 other predecessors) at 172 E. Valley Bl. in San Gabriel. Niko Niko takes a page from the hotpot places in asking you to choose a broth (e.g., tofu seafood), and a noodle (e.g., vermicelli, Korean glass noodles, egg noodles), for a base price under $5, and then $1.50 for add ons. Interestingly there was somewhat of a war in the Yelp reviews on the place, Yelpers giving it mostly a 5 or a 1. The 5s were apparently the owner's friends and the 1's were from people who actually ate there. But the downgrades were largely for rotten service, and I didn't find that to be a problem today.

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  1. I saw this awhile back when I was waiting for jazzcat and noticed the haige sign was gone. Finally got to try today after seeing ur post, since it's hot pot.

    The I got the fish-flavored soup and a number of random ingredients. I went around 3pm so it was empty. They also have "lo shui" stuff that was quite oily but flavorless. The beef topping is flavorful but too rough. The pork intestine was nicely cooked, I wonder how it would have tasted fried? Their wontons appeared to be better than the usually "mostly skin" wontons that plague hot pot places. btw, I have a sore throat, so I don't feel I was able to enjoy the food as much as i could have normally.

    I also got an iced coffee that somehow tasted like iced milk tea.

    Opened by hk'ers, according to the waitress.

    Overall, a decent place to hang out as they have a lot of desserts n snacks, but food is not mind blowing.

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      pics of lo shui stuff, which was just ok. The beef slices had more flavor then the rest of the stuff

    2. I give this cursed location 6 months.