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Nov 29, 2013 01:21 PM

Sunday Brunch in the New Bedford Area

Seeking a darn good brunch spot in the New Bedford/Fairhaven area. Is Margaret's open this time of year? No answer on their phone. How is Cobblestones? Any recs please? If not, an amazing lunch spot please.

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  1. We went to Cobblestones. The best part were the Bloody Mary's with the homemade house mix. Super tasty. The waitresses were great. Good food all around.

    1. I also enjoyed Cobblestones. Was a little wait though.

      1. I'd highly recommend Elizabeths (next to Margarets) for lunch. The special menu is insanely good and very inexpensive. Cobblestones is nice for breakfast...I wouldn't put it up on my places to have lunch/brunch.

        Brand new spot just opened up called Seafire Grillhouse and Bar. Place looks amazing and early reviews are great.

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          I second Elizabeth's (when Margarets is closed or you want alcohol with your meal). Love them both but prefer Margaret's a tad more. Bot are insane values compared to the Cape.