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What To Do With A Already Roasted Acorn Squash BESIDES Soup

So I have this roasted acorn squash I don't know what to do with; really don't want to make squash soup...Any suggestions appreciated, thanks

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    1. Pasta sauce, with our without tomatoes or pureed nuts.

      1. Add it to macaroni and cheese! Any kind of squash added to mac and cheese is wonderful.

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          That's interesting....I think I'll make this for Sunday dinner!

        2. Squash Pasta Filling , Ravioli, Lasagne, Manicotti ect.....
          Dress with Spiced Yogurt like Borani Kadoo

          1. Pie. Sub it for pumpkin

            1. Scoop flesh out of shell and stir it into risotto. You can saute it with onions/garlic/shallots at the beginning of the process then add rice, etc., or just mash or chop it (depending on how stringy it is) and stir it in to heat it when the risotto is done.

              Even if you don't want to make a squash soup, you can add mash or chunks of the squash to another soup or stew. Think of something with beans, corn, maybe a bit of tomato and smoked paprika or chiles in adobo for seasoning.

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              1. Did you remove the squash from the peel already? If not, I usually brown up some ground lamb with garlic, yellow curry paste and a smidge of coconut milk while warming the squash inside the toaster oven so I can then stuff the lamb inside the acorn squash and enjoy.

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                  No, I haven't taken the peel off yet but it's cooked too much to hold it's shape...but I'll bet it'll still be good in a casserole with all the ingredients anyway..

                2. Mash it till smooth, then add cumin, chili flakes, paprika, ground ginger (1 tsp of each except for the chili flakes, just a pinch of those), 1 clove minces garlic, salt and pepper and a splash of cream and stir vigorously until it gets a whipped texture. Best dip ever - amazing with pita chips.

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                    Now this is something I can get into...I think I'll make half the squash this way tomorrow and the other half in a mac & cheese for Sunday dinner. Thanks everyone and feel free to continue throw out your suggestions cause I'm sure I'll cook another acorn squash soon!

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                      Let me know how it comes out! :)

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                      Along these same lines, combine with cream cheese and curry or garam masala spice for a spread or dip


                      1. Make a stuffing for it with sauteed veggies, cooked lentils, and mild cheese- stuff the cavity and just heat through

                        1. One of the best recipes I've ever found on the web:


                          1. Mash it and make squash gnocchi. Or serve it mashed with butter and your choice of spices. Or make squash risotto. Hell, make squash risotto and then stuff the squash with it.

                            Cube it, toss it with a leafy green veggie and spices. Or put the cubes into a soup, like with leafy greens and white beans, or into a spicy soup with chunks of beef, tomato, etc.

                            Make pumpkin bread/muffins.

                            1. Whir some of it in to a dip.

                              1. I love a spoonful of it mixed in with scrambled eggs. Cube and saute it first, then add whipped eggs to the skillet and stir until eggs are cooked. S& P to taste.

                                1. I had the same problem recently, and although they were very well roasted once cold from fridge I was able to peel and large chop. I cooked up a rice pilaf and at the end I gently tossed the 'cubes' in and let them warm up. They were a bit mushy but dilish because they were so well roasted.