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Nov 29, 2013 12:51 PM

Cheeses behind glass counters in Arab stores.

I see plenty of feta-like cheeses at places like Akhavan and Adonis in Montreal. Are they all as strong as feta or are some of them not as ripe? I`m mostly asking because I'm trying to look for a better substitute to tome fraƮche than ripened Cantal, cheddar and mozzarella(urg). I'm looking to make aligot and I've read somewhere that cheddar cheese curds can be a decent substitute, but I`ve got my doubts. I'm thinking texture would be a lot more important than trying to replicate flavor when it comes to finding a cheese for aligot.

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  1. Why not ask for a taste and judge for yourself if it's going tom suit.

    1. Ask for a suggestion, then a taste.

      1. Writing from UK perspective but actually in south west France,, here we can't get curds to try to replicate Poutine, so I am using tomme fraiche instead....I have heard that Cheshire or Lancashire (cheddar style) cheese will do for aligot. Can you find those in Montreal?