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Nov 29, 2013 12:02 PM

NYC Chowhounders in Nashville for New Year's Eve

Hi guys!

Would love some opinions on what the must-see spots in Nashville are. I've done a lot of combing of this board and Eater, and this is what I have it narrowed down to:

Catbird Seat (have a rez)
Husk (have a rez)

For our third dinner, debating between the following:
Rolf and Daughters (top pick)
City House (gets so much love on this board but the menu doesn't wow me?)
Capitol Grille

Hot chicken:
Princes (worth the trip or no?)
Hattie B's

Meat and 3:
Arnold's (this seems to be the favorite on this board?)

Is barbecue big in Nashville? The only place I came across was Martins.

Any recs for breakfast/brunch? It seems like the overall consensus is to skip Pancake Pantry and Loveless, but I'd love to get an authentic Southern brunch/breakfast while we're in town, so any suggestions on that would be great. I looked at the menus for Marche and Capitol Grille, kind of standard fare, looks like?


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  1. Just a couple of quick thoughts....

    If you want traditional southern breakfast, I'd go to Monell's. The food is good, and served family style. You'll sit with others and it's generally just an enjoyable experience. The food at Loveless is decent, but nothing special, and certainly not worth the often 2+ hours you'll wait. It's worth a visit, but Arnold's is the meat and three to visit for lunch.

    If you go to Rotier's, you must get the burger on French bread. It's just what you do. Personally, I like the burgers, but my husband finds them to be bland.

    BBQ is a fairly prominent in Nashville, though it's not as prominent as in Memphis. I'm not familiar with Martins. Jack's and Rippy's are the two major places downtown. You'll find devotees of both, but personally, I prefer Jacks's for the food, and Rippy's for the ambienance (more of your typical Nashville honky-tonk).

    Also, B&C BBQ (stands for Bacon & Caviar) is also worth a visit. They have a stand-alone restaurant off 8th Ave., a couple of miles south of Arnold's. However, the also have an excellent set up in the Nashville Farmer's Market. If farmer's market isn't on your list, it should be. They have a large central eating area (imagine a mall food court, but better) with several eateries inside. If you have differing tastes, it's a great place to grab lunch. They also have an Arnold Myint restaurant AM@FM inside, as well as an incredible place to grab a dessert, The Sweet Stash.

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      Note on Nashville BBQ: It's not at all like Memphis-style. It's pulled pork, served with a vinegar based sauce, and traditionally served with slaw and corn cakes. The corn cakes (or loaf of corn "lightbread") is truly a peculiarity of Middle Tennessee. For a drive through, Whitt's is good and you can get a loaf of lightbread there. I also like the BBQ on corn cakes served at Sportsman's Grill. I've heard Jack's BBQ on Broadway is good, but I've never been to that location. The Cawthons have been serving BBQ in Nashville for a long time!

      As for breakfast, Loveless is the tourist favorite, but too heavy and time-consuming for me. I think the Pancake Pantry is great, and the wait may not be as bad on a weekday or at odd times. I've seen a few recording stars there through the years. I always recommend the sweet potato pancakes and cinnamon cream syrup with a side of sausage.

    2. R&D seems to be the hot spot right now, which in turn means reservations are hard to come by.
      I would also look into the newly opened 404 Kitchen.

      You can't go wrong with CG or Etch. Both places are considered two of the top restaurants in Nashville.

      While the chicken is really good at Prince's - the drive and wait would turn me off.
      Hattie B or Bolton's would be much better choices. I prefer Hattie B over all the other places.

      Arnold's is a must go IMO. Wait in line and enjoy everything they offer.

      Peg Leg Porker in The Gulch area sticks to a very traditional style Memphis bbq. If you're looking for brisket, I would try Martin's.
      Skip any bbq locations like Jack's or Rippy's, both are tourist traps.
      Jack's on West Trinity is where the locals go. Edley's on Main or 12th S are both viable options. The Tuck Sandwich, wings, and bbq nachos are the best menu items I've tried.
      Nashville in general is not much of a breakfast town, we do meat & threes much better. Loveless would be your best option for a true southern breakfast.
      Some other breakfast/brunch options include: Fido, The Southern Steak & Oyster, Husk, Margot, Music City Tippler, Tavern.

      I would personally head to Crema for one of the best cups of coffee in town and order a Cremarito for breakfast.