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Fresh Burger Richmond Hill

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This burger place has been open for a few months now. It is on Leslie just south of 16. Some of my co-workers have gone and had nothing but praise. I do not often order burgers when I eat out as I prefer the ones I make myself at home. I mention this because I have not tried Burger's Priest, Holy Chuck etc. I share everyone's dislike of Hero. I have tried 5 guys and liked it.
I tried this place last week and was pleasantly surprised. The place is small (about 20 seats) and busy. The only things on the menu are cheeseburgers, fries and poutine.
The burgers are cooked on a flat top and were very good. I would say they are slightly better than 5 guys. The Fries however are way, way better than 5 guys and I happen to think 5 guys fries were pretty good. I would go so far as to say they are probably the best fries I have had in recent memory. A single cheeseburger combo with fries and a drink is $7.99. Good value for what you are getting.
As I said, I have not tried most of the other burger places that get favorable reviews on this Board. I would appreciate hearing from others who have tried Fresh along with the other places. This place is definitely worth a look (and a taste).

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  1. Wow. Can't wait to give that a try.

    BTW, the 5 Guys on Green Lane in Newmarket has a young guy who makes ridiculously good fries. The care he puts into them is amazing.
    Best order of fries I've ever had.


    1. Thanks for the rec, LJS2.

      Tried the cheeseburger today and found the patty to be beefy and flavourful with a good crust (beefier than Five Guys and the Stockyards, less beefy than Holy Chuck, best crust out of all of them). Bun was perfectly sized for the patty (nice and squishy) and the burger maintained excellent integrity to the last bite, i.e., no slippin' and slidin' causing uneven amounts of patty, toppings, and buns in each bite.

      Only negative for me was that I asked for the patty to be done medium well (a concession from the medium rare I really wanted after the stressed out looking cashier said they could do it, but he recommended against it) and it turned out well-done and dry. (Not surprising, since the patty is 100% sirloin.) Special sauce saved it, but I'm not a big fan of burgers which only depend on sauce for moisture, as opposed to a juicy patty and sauce.

      Still, it's a tasty, balanced burger (I'd agree it's slightly better than Five Guys) and I'd go again if in the area to try the fries and see if they can do a medium-rare burger.

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        Place is really good - Fries much better than BP. Will go back!

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          Heck, I'm planning on going Saturday


      2. Just tried this place today at lunch. I can say this is by far the best place in the area. Better than 5 guys, just a slight notch below HC and BP. I had the prime burger, it was very meaty tasting and I quite enjoyed it. The fries were ok, not great, but ok. Didn't ask for medium rare, but the patty was still very juicy. Thanks for the heads up about it, so happy to have it so close to home

        1. Okay, ate lunch here today and this is one fabulous burger. It's quite close to the BP model. Cheapy bun, fresh ground beef, loosely packed/seasoned and with American cheese.
          I opted for the Prime Burger which has a little more fat Jacques says and it was truly delicious and juicy good.

          Fries, fresh cut are very good too but just not the best I've had.

          Will for sure be back. Like, tomorrow.


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              Tried it today. It's good but nothing spectacular. I think if you order it you'll be happy. Just not ecstatic.


            2. Talk about being slow out of the gate!! In my case, that's exactly whats happened!

              Living less than a 5 minutes drive from this Burger joint and noticing its existence for quite a few weeks. Its not until today that I finally have a chance to try this place out!

              Entering the premise, I noticed rows upon rows of freshly made, pink, baseball size burger 'patty balls' next to the flat top. Waiting their turn to be pressed down and grill, it was a most welcoming sight!

              With almost everyone lining up ordering the season special 'Prime Beef Burger', I decided to follow suit and do the same. My final selection was the combo with added extra 'roasted Jalapenos' for the burger and Dijon-Mayo dip for the fries.

              The first thing that comes to mine was that, this is one 'Typical American Cheeseburger', not unlike NYC's Shake Shack! Sandwiched between a ' McD ' style, light fluffy burger bun ( which I prefer over a heavier and dense dinner style bun ), this 'sans filler' all beef patty was grilled to a nice, caramelized crust, juicy and quite loosely packed. Quality wise, it was definitely at par with 5 Guys but much less greasy. The fries was grease-less and super crispy. Indeed, one of the better fries in town.

              I have taken a few photos of the menu offerings, condiment choices, the kitchen grill top with the fresh burger patties, the finished product...etc. I will let the pictures do the talking.

              Meanwhile, after a pleasant experience, I'm sure I will return next week and this time, I will be ordering a 'medium rare' option.

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                Thanks for the pics Charles!

                Can we convince them to do milkshakes (like the ones at Holy Chuck)?!

                1. i'm going to bump this because they're doing a good job.

                  went last friday for dinner with a big group of guys & other patrons. they sold out by 7pm and quite a few people were turned away. they were apologetic and did their best to speedily get their burgers out. seems like they can only make 8-10 burgers at a time as the large group had to wait for the orders to come out in batches.

                  burgers are done on a flat top, smashed. prime burgers are ground in-house. not sure if they grind their regular burgers since they didn't have any left. they turned down my request for medium rare though, but i'll definitely be back when in the area.

                  price is currently very reasonable, given the location and quality of the burger/fries. i know that the neighbourhood is very sensitive to price though (i'm in the area often), so they'll need to be careful not to inflate too quicly/significantly.