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Nov 29, 2013 09:27 AM

Kite Hill Cheese

Does anyone know if Kite Hill Cheese will be certified Kosher? Anyone tried it?

Seems to be available at select Whole Foods stores mostly in CA, but there's one in Philly according to Kite Hill's website.

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  1. i really hope so, those look serious.

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      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        vegan cheese, kind of a shoe in, is, in theory kosher already.

        1. re: Moishefrompardes

          To be devil's advocate, they could have non-kosher wine in them, but yes, otherwise, it should be relatively easy.

          1. re: DeisCane

            yes, on the planet neptune that is exactly how it would have went down.

            1. re: Moishefrompardes

              Do they eat a lot of port wine cheese on Neptune? ;-)

    1. I don't know if they will be certified, but all the ingredients are kosher. It is available in whole foods on the east coast now. I tried two - one that is supposed to be soft and spreadable, and one that is supposed to be similar to brie. I would say neither would actually fool you into thinking it is the real thing. However, they both tasted good on a cracker and with some dried fruit, which is a significant step up from other vegan cheeses.

      1. I just emailed them and they said they are in the process of getting kosher certification!

        1. OK. When this gets a hechscher, I'm inviting you all over for a Friday evening meal starting with a cheeseboard and going on to my famous (real duck, real smoked turkey, real lamb , real duck gribenes) cassoulet. Will request DiesCane to bring a Sacher Torte for dessert.

          Seriously, vegan cheese that Food & Wine mag raves about. Wow.

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            1. re: DevorahL

              I riff on a recipe printed on Epicurious in December 2002. I start a day ahead with 2 whole fresh ducks. I skin them, stew them, make broth, separate meat from bones, save raw skin. Skin and bone the turkey legs. I use fresh duck (not confit), smoked turkey legs, and lamb sausage (when good lamb sausage is obtainable). I make duck gribenes instead of or in addition to baguette crumbs for the topping. duck broth in place of beef broth. No tomatoes (except a dab of paste) Other than that, I pretty much follow the Epicurious recipe. I have a beautiful white, ceramic casserole. It's a lot of work.

              I have had guests in a position to know say that it tastes like treif cassoulet. I don't invite cardiologists, vegans or anyone who is on a diet to a cassoulet Shabbat. Why torture them?

              1. re: AdinaA

                Um, wow. That sounds incredible and way beyond my current skills. One day, maybe.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  I have two simple requests: smoked turkey thighs instead of legs and spell my name right, dammit! :-)

                  PS What's your address?

            2. This looks a,azmg. Looking forward to tasting