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Nov 29, 2013 08:49 AM

Sunday lunch near Popolo area of Rome?

Have a tour at Borghese that day, and like to have a traditional lunch many I read about are in the Testacio area, Perilli, etc. Thought Al Moro, but closed on Sunday....tour is at 3, any ideas anywhere nearby? Could do Pantheon area, but we are staying in that area and love to try other parts of town when we are there...

Date is December 29, so also running into some holiday closings...

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  1. Il Localino Da Claudio, on Via Lazio, would be perfect. it is the same owner of La Gensola, and so fish is great. But they also have a full menu of non meat, so don't worrry. Then, it's about a 10 minute walk to Borghese.

    Another option, for something much more upscale, is the new Massimo Riccioli at the Majestic. It's at the bottom of Via Veneto. Again, Massimo is known for fish, but here be branches out into meat as well. It's great, but very pricey.

    Hope this helps,