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Nov 29, 2013 06:28 AM

Cute/Funny/Crazy comments from your holiday table

I spent the holiday with DH, my mom, stepdad and two nieces yesterday. My sister and BIL work in a restaurant that is open for T-Day dinner, so I was the one who drove the girls home after the long evening. While they are always saying cute things, this one takes the cake.

Vicky (age 9): OOOHH! Dunkin Donuts! Can we stop for donuts?
Me (age much, much older than 9): No, sorry, they are closed for Thanksgiving.
Olivia (age 4 but thinks she is 25): That's right you don't eat DONUTS on a holiday!

I'm so glad I was stopped for a red light because I laughed so hard.

Any memorable quotes to share from your holiday?

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  1. When my kid was 2,we had all collapsed in the living room after a large Thanksgiving Day meal and he had toddled back into the kitchen. It became too quiet in there so I went to investigate. I found him sitting on the kitchen floor, face smeared with grease and a stick of butter in his hand. He held it out to me and said "Butta snack!".