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Nov 29, 2013 05:39 AM

Flan HELP! Can someone determine if my flan is edible!?

I've only made flan once before, but it was a pumpkin flan. It turned out really well, but that was 5 years ago, and I remember being in a panic about it then, also.

This year, I decided to bring a flan for Thanksgiving dinner (on Friday—thanks, Ravens…). I made it last making sure to follow all the recipe instructions to the T.

This morning, I go to check out my hard work, and there are little golden bubbles that seem to be floating up from the caramel!

At this point, it's too late to make another one, but I also don't want to show up to dinner empty-handed. Can someone tell me what this is? Is it edible? Will I find caramel-flavored scrambled eggs in the middle? As long as it tastes good (and there aren't any chunky egg bits), I can't care what it looks like!


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  1. does the custard part seem relatively solid? albeit in a jiggly way? how does it look when you turn the container over?

    undercooked there will not be scrambled egg bits in there.

    worst thing is it's a bit sloppy and not "set" all the way. bring whipped cream. :)

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      It looks pretty set. I inserted a knife in the center and it came out clean. Do you you think those are bits of egg in there? Whipped cream is a good idea. Maybe it will distract from the imperfections!

      1. re: Jenny26RED

        Whipped cream can distract from a wide range of imperfections. Some of them food related...

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          if the knife comes out clean you should be totally fine. eggs getting scrambled inside a custard have a very distinct smell.

          have fun.

      2. The "little golden bubbles" appear when a flan bakes at too high a temp. That doesn't mean it's ruined, just not perfect - though it could also be overcooked. It happens to me all the time and it's always been fine.

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          Yes, the bubbles/holes result from the water bath getting too hot. The water should not boil. It's important to keep checking on it, and to add ice cubes immediately if the water bath starts to bubble.

          1. re: greygarious

            Whew! Thanks so much for the lesson! Now I know how to avoid it in the future. Thanks for the reassurance that my flan hasn't gone completely belly up!

        2. Nothing to worry about. Flan often has those little bubbles, sometimes considerably more and/or considerably bigger.

          Have a look:

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            I tried Googling it, but didn't find anything like mine. I guess I wasn't searching for the right terms. Either way, my flan was a hit! Thanks!