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Nov 29, 2013 02:05 AM

best ham from honey glazed hams on king st?

i've had a ham sandwich from HGH and enjoyed it, but it was almost too sweet. still, i had a craving for a ham sammitch, so stopped by and was told no sandwich sales during the holiday season.

i ended up buying a ham for almost $60 (not sure $/lb). i got four sandwiches from it and two medium sized bowls of thick slices, plus whatever my mom ate, which was quite a lot. pre sliced so you just saw them off the bone. some of the slices were funky shaped, i am not sure if that's the way all ham is, or my mom was hacking them up like that.

this ham was perfect. not too sweet, very juicy, crisp burnt marshmallow tasting glaze on the edges. good but not overpowering smoky flavor. best ham i have ever had. i keep thinking about more sandwiches and ham with rice and kimchi.

perfect christmas gift.

anyone have had a better ham on island?

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  1. I like their hams as well, save the bone for Portuguese Bean Soup (which they also sell by the bowl most of the year.)