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Miami and FL for a first timer.

Hello everyone...

I am looking for an advice about where to eat in Miami and FL but I will have a car... and I don´t mind to drive.

My personal preferences:
A good cuban.
One good Chinese...
A good steak house.
A good Italian Restaurant.
Fast food for the hurry days.
If you also have any favorite place for breakfast, lunch or a most go in miami please mention it.
Mhhh also a good place to buy some desert

I am a big fan of the public markets with food...If you have any good choices please let me know.

As always I am open to suggestions by locals all the counseling and advice is welcome and truly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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  1. For a good cuban go to La Carreta and/or Versalles.

    For a good italian go a take a walk in Espanola Way at Miami Beach. The are good options.

    1. Where in Miami will you be? In case you're in south beach, try Osteria del Teatro (1400 block Washington Ave) for Italian.

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        For italian try Amami, 224 Española Way in South Beach.
        I went there a couple of month ago and was delicious.

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          We very much like Grazie for Italian food on Washington St.

        2. Thank you all for your help and advice, very useful

          1. How about a good deli and a good steak house?

            1. You need to be more specific. Miami is a big city.

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                I will have a car, I can drive anywhere for a good restaurant.

                I am Looking for most go dont miss in miami

              2. GREAT Q
                how about places further north
                Broward / Ft Lauderdale

                A good cuban.
                One good Chinese...
                A good steak house.
                A good Italian Restaurant.
                Fast food for the hurry days

                Public markets with food " especially seafood "

                Where is a good place to see the "BIG Sail fish" charter boats returning ???

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                  My Favorites:
                  -Las Colinas
                  -Silver Pond
                  -Chima (If your really hungry)
                  -Steak 954
                  -Il Mulino
                  Fast-ish Food
                  -Riverside Market
                  Other (also good brunch options)
                  -DBA Cafe
                  -Tap 42

                2. You will find plenty of guidance with a bit of searching on this board, and will probably get better advice if you can be a little more specific as to geography (what part of Miami), but a few notes:

                  - Cuban - old post, but lots of info and not much changes, start here:

                  - steak house - my favorite is Bourbon Steak in Aventura; PB Steak in Miami Beach is a good meal too.

                  - Italian - I like Macchialina, Sardinia, Scarpetta. I cannot vouch for the Espanola Way suggestion - most places there are tourist traps.

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                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Very useful tips I truly apreciate your help and advice.


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                      Listen to Frod....Listen to tpigeon....they know food...they know the area....they know food.....do as they say...do as they say......Period....end of story.....

                      Ft. Pierce, FL.