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Nov 28, 2013 08:25 PM

Atlanta for a first Timer.

Hello everyone...

I am looking for an advice about where to eat in Atlanta I am going to stay in the sheraton downtown but I will have a car... and I donĀ“t mind to drive.

My personal preferences:
One good Chinese...
A good steak house.
A good Italian Restaurant.
Fast food for the hurry days.
If you also have any favorite place for breakfast, lunch or a most go in atlanta please mention it.
Mhhh also a good place to buy some desert

I am a big fan of the public markets with food...If you have any good choices please let me know.

As always I am open to suggestions by locals all the counseling and advice is welcome and truly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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  1. Was recently at Chops lobster bar in Buckhead. Great food and service.

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      1. This restaurants are on my list of most go

        JCT Kitchen
        Fox Bro's BBQ
        No. 246

        1. I hope you enjoy your visit! A few thoughts....

          For Chinese, I would suggest Gu's Bistro on the Buford Hwy

          For steak, Bones in Buckhead

          For Italian, Boccalupo on Edgewood.

          All around favorite -- Holeman and Finch.

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            Great advice, thank you very much. very useful

            1. re: josephml1

              Don't underestimate SJM's recommendation of Gu's for Chinese. Though it's way out on Buford Highway, some people consider it as good Sichuanese food as you will find anywhere in the US. That's a pretty bold statement.

          2. Something fun and close to downtown is the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Grindhouse burgers is there, and frequently ladies with tables outside making interesting stuff (arepas, for example) and food trucks. Unique building with a market atmosphere.

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