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Nov 28, 2013 08:18 PM

First date

Looking for a romantic restaurant to go to on a first date. SM, BH,
CC. Good food is a plus.

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      1. re: kevin

        That's a rather high bar to set on a first date. Where are they gonna go for a second date? :-)

        1. re: TheOffalo

          Shit in that case the 2nd date would have to be Urasawa.

        2. re: kevin

          for some reason, i don't think of shunji's as being a very romantic first date.

          1. re: westsidegal

            You are right.

            I couldn't resist.

            It was Thanksgiving after all.

            Ok. I revoke my Shunjis rec even though it is beyond exceptional.

        3. Gyu-Kaku or Tokyo Kalbi? I think a more interactive experience would be good to break the ice. Gyu-Kaku also has s'mores to make at your table, which is fun on a date.

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          1. re: TheOffalo

            Or Totaraku if you can get in. But then is there a hotel or motor hotel next door ??????

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Love AOC. I didn't realize they have an upstairs at the new location.

            2. Patio at Ivy. If its cold Cappo and get a room at Shutters.

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              1. re: Thor123

                Room at Shutters?

                Man, and some thought Shunji was setting the bar high.

                What's the second date going to be? Meeting the parents?

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Small table in the bar room at Dan Tanas is a fun first date.

                  1. re: Thor123

                    But then you have to deal with the lovable though gregarious drunks bums.

                2. re: Thor123

                  Getting a room at the old Shutters ?????

                  It must be a pretty good first date.